Best Reality Shows Of 2014

2014 best reality shows

2014 best reality shows

As scripted network shows continually come and go some of best shows on TV today are select reality shows. This doesn’t mean all of them are worthy of watching but there are a handful that are more entertaining than anything Hollywood could ever churn out. That being said, here are the top 10 reality shows of 2014.

undercover boss best reality shows of 2014

  1. Undercover Boss

CBS scored themselves a hit with this reality TV show that follows CEOs of major companies as they put on a disguise, roll up their sleeves and dive into the world of blue collar workers. As they work side by side with unsuspecting employees (most of the time) they get a first – hand look at what is right and wrong with their company. At the end of each episode the employees an Undercover Boss worked with are brought to one central location and interviewed separately. Those who perform well receive perks such as money to pay for college or bills, college funds started for growing children of employees and some are even awarded with a new car or all expenses paid vacation. Those whose performance is less than stellar may be subject to retraining, a demotion within the company or, in some cases, losing their job all together.

dancing with the stars best reality shows of 2014

  1. Dancing With The Stars

Already in its 16th season, Dancing With The Stars seems to have struck a chord with viewers all over the U.S. as they vote for those they think put on the best dance performances from week to week. The star power each season brings with it is enough to suck in audience members and keep them hanging on through a season’s first episode to its final live episode of the season, where a winner is chosen.

pawn stars best reality shows of 2014

  1. Pawn Stars

The History Channel has been delighting viewers with its Pawn Stars reality show that follows the employees of Las Vegas’s 24 hour a day World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The show’s non – stop action keeps viewers tuning in week after week and has for a considerable amount of time now.

storage wars best reality shows of 2014

  1. Storage Wars

Storage Wars follows a California storage facility in which any locker that hasn’t been paid for in the past three months is sold to the public via an auction. The twist that keeps viewers watching is that people are not allowed to see or be told what is in a locker before bidding on it. Once they have given the winning bid and the locker is theirs they are stuck with it even if they open it up to find the contents of it are worthless. Storage Wars shows the lengths some people will go to just to obtain ownership of a locker that they hope has something valuable in it.

shark tank best reality shows of 2014

  1. Shark Tank

ABC’s Shark Tank appeals to the entrepreneur in all of us. The premise of the show is that everyday people pitch an idea for a start – up company to a rich business mogul that could make their dream a reality simply by writing a check. Those who pitch an idea the business moguls like have the potential to get said business moguls to form a business partnership with them. While most contestants leave the show without winning anything the publicity they get just from doing the show could be enough to turn their start –up into a full time gig.

duck dynasty best reality shows of 2014

  1. Duck Dynasty

Though there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty it is hard to deny what a hit it has been with viewers this year. Focusing on a family run business the show has inspired everything from clothing to accessories to an online video slot machine game found on Facebook. Regular viewers of Duck Dynasty know that the show is about.

the bachelor best reality shows of 2014

  1. The Bachelor

Single women all over the country can’t get enough of The Bachelor. Though it is in its 18th season it is as hot as it was when it was brand new to viewers. The anticipation of seeing the man who will serve as the season’s bachelor has female audiences on the edge of their seats. Even after the conclusion of each season fans of the show eagerly follow the public actions of those couples who have gotten together as a result of this show. Because some have broken up rather quickly and others are still together, most women can relate and become die hard followers of each season’s bachelor.

americas got talent best reality shows of 2014

  1. America’s Got Talent

Another long running reality show within the 10 best is America’s Got Talent. Though this season the show has not been drastically different than it was in previous seasons it continues to hold the interest of viewers, which can be fleeting at times. It may be that part of the appeal of America’s Got Talent is that you never know what you’re going to see on there. Sure, there have been some awful performances that should never be repeated but there are also performances that would blow your mind.

big brother season 16 best reality shows of 2014

  1. Big Brother

Big Brother is another reality show that isn’t exactly new but still has viewers tuning in in droves. The drama, intrigue and backstabbing that often occurs between occupants of the Big Brother house each season keeps the show intriguing to many. It is the people that appear on this show season after season that get viewers hooked before they know what’s happening.

last comic standing best reality shows of 2014

  1. Last Comic Standing

We could all use a good laugh from time to time and Last Comic Standing can be great at providing this. One of the reasons the show may have been such a big hit this season is because one of the episodes featured comedian Jeff Ross acting as a coach to contestants on how to successfully roast someone, as he is the longtime host of Comedy Central’s various roasts highlighting such celebrities as Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump.

Of all the current reality shows these were the best in 2014.