Best Fidget Toys For ADD, ADHD and Autism That Really Work

Whether you suffer from ADD, ADHD, autism or just brief bouts of anxiety, these fidget toys will help you spin, click or roll your worries away.

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Most of us have gone through those times where we can’t stop fidgeting or keeping our mind focused. It’s those times where we’ve chewed ice, tapped our feet or even clicked a pen not even realizing how loud and annoying it can be to others. We were just dealing with a short-term thing when we felt a little hyper or overwhelmed. I personally used to be a chronic ice chewer until noticing that people sitting next to me would gently move to another seat when I was chomping away.Imagine living with this problem most of the time?There has been mixed messages on whether fidget toys do work, but from my own experience with having relatives suffering from ADHD and autism, they really do help to calm them down. Basically, what they do is to help calm a person down when they feel a sensory overload.We’ve all had that experience where we get overloaded with information and just feel like we want to zone out. That’s part of our coping mechanism, but for those who aren’t so fortunate, they can get very anxious and fidgety. You can check out some great deals on fidget toys here.2017 spinner fidget toys best of mttg

It’s not much different than the adult coloring book craze that hit last year. By doing something simple and repetitious, it can calm us and actually bring us to a near meditative state. When I personally feel overwhelmed or stuck where my brain won’t get me to a logical answer, I do this by playing pinball. I’m taking my mind away from what’s causing me that overwhelming feeling by doing something simple and distracting.While autism, ADD and ADHD are different, fidget toys actually can give the same results needed when you have trouble processing sensory problems.

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The concept behind fidget toys is rather simple. Oftentimes, people with ADD, ADHD and autism are seeking an extra sensory input that they aren’t getting from their environment. By getting the high threshold neurological input they need, the more alert and organized their minds will actually become.Yes, it sounds a little deep, but it’s just having a sensory input like touch or feeling to calm down that nervous energy. By having a fidget toy, the person is able to filter out all the excess that is overwhelming them and focus solely on the toy that they’re holding. It’s like how I play pinball when I feel stressed or want to solve a problem. Taking your mind off the excess worry with a focal distraction can wind up helping you get your answer.Many people can relate, but for those that have ADD, ADHD or autism, here are the best fidget toys that can help get you through that sensory overload. Even for people who have someone in their life suffering from this, these toys can be a real lifesaver.

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Fidget Dice II

Just looking at the picture makes you smile and want to touch the Fidget Dice II. It’s a twelve-sided fidget toy for both children and adults. Each side has a special design to keep your fingers busy and mind still.

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It doesn’t matter if you like clicking, flicking, rolling or spinning, the Dice has it all for every sensory need.Now I know what to have in my car for those long journeys with my nieces and nephews.

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Fidget Hand Tri-Spinner High Speed

This is the classic spinner fidget toy that is absolutely brilliant in its simplicity. The rainbow color will remind you of those beautiful sunsets when all the perfect colors seep together as the sun slowly disappears from view.

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It also can spin for five to seven minutes on average which is great for fidgety hands and the titanium and copper metal body will keep it from breaking. A high-speed steel ball bearing will also keep it spinning smoothly and quietly.

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Even better, it’s small and easy to carry with a round carrying case that easily fits in your pocket.

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Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is just plain cute, but it also makes you want to touch it. This is perfect for an office desk as it can really help you focus on something to satisfy each sensory need.It feels similar to a game controller and has options to make a click sound or be quiet so no worry of bothering people near you. Each side is made of hard rubber or a slick durable plastic.

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The clickable buttons give the feel of clicking a pen plus there’s even a ‘worry stone’ that allows you to just rub away your stress. The movable joystick is very relaxing and should give gamers that feel of playing their PS4 or Xbox One.As fidget toys have become more popular, the prices have dropped considerably making it easier to buy several of them for all your needs.

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Steampunk Industrial Cogs and Rivets

The Steampunk Industrial Cogs and Rivets Ring is such a beautiful piece of jewelry that doubles as a great fidget toy. For all you steampunkers out there; you’ll love this one.

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How many times have you caught yourself spinning that ring on your finger?

Well, this is one ring that you’ll enjoy spinning.