Andy Murray Keeping Wedding Lowkey

andy murray wedding lowkey 2015

andy murray wedding lowkey 2015

The media are naturally jumping and saying that Andy Murray is snubbing and shunning his fellow tennis stars Rafael Nadal and Novak, Djokovic, but basically, he’s keeping the wedding about himself and his bride rather than making it into a pr circus. Yes, it’s unusual for celebrities in sports and entertainment to shun the huge spotlight big name celebrities can bring to the occasion, but at least he’s not forgetting the day is for him and Kim Sears.

Tennis star Andy Murray has shunned his famous rivals — and turned down a seven-figure sum — ahead of his wedding in Scotland this weekend.

Murray will wed his longtime partner Kim Sears at Dunblane Cathedral on Saturday, but the affair won’t exactly be filled to the brim with tennis royalty.

“Not invited,” world No. 1 Novak Djokovic told The Telegraph when asked if he would be attending. “But I wish him all the best.”

There were Serbian reports that Djokovic had tabbed Murray as his best man for his wedding last year, though those proved to be false.

Even Murray’s closest friend of the big four, Rafael Nadal, was not included on the guest list.

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The Scot has other famous acquaintances who have also been left out, including former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

“There won’t be any celebrities as such,” Murray said.

“I don’t have any celebrity friends so it wasn’t something that was planned. [The list will be] everyone who we’re close to, people we’ve spent a lot of time with in the past but also people we see ourselves spending time with in the future.

“That’s how we came up with the names. Pretty much everything is done now and under control. I’m sure a few things will come up next week but it’s pretty much sorted.”

The most famous name to have made the cut is former British tennis star Tim Henman, who, according to The Telegraph, “spent many long hours in the locker room playing daft games like Top Trumps or throwing screwed-up pieces of paper into a wastepaper bin” with Murray before retiring in 2007.

“Tim will be there,” Murray said. “And Jules Rojer; he lives in Miami so I spend quite a lot of time with him.”

Rojer is a Dutch player ranked 11th in the world in doubles.

Murray was reportedly offered deals worth more than 1 million pounds ($1.9 million) from magazines OK! and Hello! for photographs of the wedding, but turned them down.

As for the finer details, Murray said he was leaving that in the capable hands of his soon-to-be wife.

“Kim’s been pretty much doing it,” Murray said.

“I’ve tried to help out when she has asked, but I haven’t been over-involved.

“I did all the food and cake tasting, which I really enjoyed, although I didn’t think I was going to.

“It’s a big day for Kim. Pretty much everything is taken care of now. She seems fairly relaxed, but as we get closer, that might change.”