Aaron Tveit proves to be ‘Better Off Single’

Aaron Tviet proves to be 'Better Off Single' 2016 images

Aaron Tviet proves to be 'Better Off Single' 2016 images

A short teaser just dropped for the upcoming romantic comedy Better Off Single starring Aaron Tveit (best known from USA’s “Graceland.” The movie tells the story of a young man named Charlie, who finds himself in search of love and on a journey of self-discovery after he decides to quit his job and dump his girlfriend on the same day.

The movie stars up-and-coming actor Aaron Tveit, who just recently garnered attention for his portrayal of Danny Zuko in Grease Live! and is also known for his roles in CBS’ Brain Dead and Graceland. Aaron takes on the lead role of Charlie, who ultimately drives this latest addition to the dating comedy genre. The movie also stars actor Jason Ralph (Madam Secretary, Aquarius, The Magician), actress Abby Elliot (Odd Mom Out, How I Met Your Mother), actor Chris Elliot (How I Met Your Mother) and Harold and Kumar’s Kal Penn.

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Movie Distributor Gravitas Ventures just gained the rights to the movie and is now prepping for its wide release later this year. Dan Fisher, the Senior Director of Acquisitions for the company noted, “Better Off Single’s’ satirical riff on the stereotypical New York indie romantic-comedy is going to resonate with anyone who’s ever looked for love, and we look forward to bringing this funny and charming film to a diverse, global audience.”

The movie marks filmmaker Benjamin Cox’s directorial debut. In addition, Cox also worked on the production of the movie, as well as wrote the screenplay for it. Benjamin commented on the goal of his latest project, stating, “we set out to make a smart, funny movie – one that would only be possible by the means of a talented collaborators on both sides of the camera.”

aaron tviet in better off single movie 2016

The newly released clip shows Charlie complaining to his group of friends about the fact that every “sane woman” is taken. He goes on to explain that he utterly hates small talk – which is evidently not helping him infiltrate the local dating scene.

It then cuts away to a montage of different women that Charlie has tried to give things a go with – all of which are seen asking various questions in order to size up Charlie. These encounters have lead to Charlie’s realization that dating in New York is simply just two people trying to establish if they are better than one another.

Fortunately, Charlie’s friends offer their words of wisdom so that they can hopefuly help him find some success in his love. Charlie’s pal Kathy (played by Superbad’s Lauren Miller) is heard giving Charlie the blunt truth, as she tells him that there is an obvious cause for the misfortune he keeps encountering in his love life…that being, him.

Inevitably, Charlie begins rethinking his choices after making his quick transition from a man in a committed relationship with a man that is desperately looking for someone he clicks with. Ultimately, he is forced to look within himself in order to determine just what he is looking for in terms of a romantic partner and for his life in general.

While the dating world can be a fun and playful experience for some New Yorkers, Charlie quickly finds out that it can also be quite the daunting task for some (i.e. himself). With help from his friends, hallucinations, flashbacks and crazy dreams, Charlie ventures out to find where his path is planning to lead him next.

You can catch Better Off Single when it lands in theaters, as well as on demand, on October 7, 2016.