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‘Walker’ Best Laid Plans Sets Up Anticipation for The Deserters Episode 3.12

Walker 3.12 Best Laid Plans is bringing fandom to an exciting season conclusion.

‘The Winchesters’ You’ve Got a Friend 1.11 Shows They All Really Need One

The Winchesters 1.11 You've Got A Friend has our Lynn Zuberniss wondering how things will get wrapped up for the finale.

‘Walker’ Past Is Prologue 3.11 Looks at the Impact of the Past on the Present

Walker 3.11 Past Is Prologue gives a beautiful episode for our Lynn Zubernis as she breaks everything down.

‘The Winchesters’ Amps Up The Stakes With Suspicious Minds

The Winchesters is almost over so things are amping up with 1.10 Suspicious Minds. FangasmSPN digs in to whats good and not so good.

‘The Winchesters’ 1.09 Cast Your Fate to the Wind Watch Party with WFB’s Nightsky

The Winchesters 1.09 deep dive recap from FangasmSPN brought in Winchester Family Business Nightsky to give pros and cons of the episode.

‘Walker: Blinded by the Light’ 3.10 Leaves Fans Guessing

Walker Blinded By the Light episode really left our FangasmSPN guessing which made for a great one before a mini-hiatus hits.

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