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‘The Winchesters’ Spook it up with You’re lost, little girl

The Winchesters 1.03 You're lost, little girl brings on some Halloween scares, and our FangasmSPN breaks down the good and bad in this episode review.

‘The Winchesters’ still building ‘Supernatural’ world with 1.2 Teach Your Children Well

Supernatural prequel The Winchesters is still warming up to our FangasmSPN and she reviews episode 1.2 Teach Your Children Well.

‘Walker’s’ Rubber Meets the Road Takes An Unflinching Look at Trauma

Jared Padalecki's latest episode of Walker Rubber Meets the Road is a great lesson in family trauma and how to deal with it from FangasmSPN.

‘Walker’ 3.02 Not Sitting’ On A Rainbow!

Walker keeps the action going with Cordell trapped with brother Liam in 3.02 Sittin on a Rainbow.

‘The Winchesters’ Pilot Brings Lots of Emotions to a Long-Time ‘Supernatural’ Fan

Longtime Supernatural fan Lynn Zubernis breaks down what she likes and dislikes about SPN prequel The Winchesters. Spoilers in this one.

‘Walker’ Season 3 Kicks Off the WalkerVerse World on a String

Jared Padalecki's Walker Season 3 returned with a big punch and plenty of action. Our FangasmSPN gives her indepth recap.

‘The Winchesters’ emotional no-spoiler pilot premiere review

Supernatural prequel The Winchesters pilot comes to the CW tonight along with our no spoiler review here.

Meet ‘The Winchesters!’ Jensen Ackles, Cast and Producers Talk ‘Supernatural’ Prequel at NYCC 22

The Winchesters Supernatural prequel Jensen Ackles and stars Drake Rodger, Meg Donnelly talked about the new show with Lynn Zubernis at New York Comic Con 2022.

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