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Top 10 Hypothetical NFL Prop Bets For 2014

Top 10 Hypothetical NFL Prop Bets For 2014


I love to look at crazy NFL proposition bets, AKA prop bets. These wagers are usually most seen around Super Bowl time. You will see things like coin toss result bets, Super Bowl score versus an NBA game score, or really weird things like number of catches by Wes Welker compared to number of penalties by a certain team. Here is a quick top ten of hypothetical NFL prop bets that would be cool to lay some money on this season.

  1. 160 – Over / under on number of Peyton Manning using the Omaha audible. I’ll go over.
  1. 3 – Over / under on number of Johnny Manziel fines in 2014 in the regular season. I’ll go under on this one. The preseason fine does not count, by the way.
  1. 2 – Over / under on Wes Welker concussions in the regular season. I blame his head ducking for his bad luck with the brain.
  1. Higher number: Number of Patriot wide receivers the average fan can name versus ones able to correctly spell Belichick.
  1. 17 – Over / under on Geno Smith’s picks in 2014. If he is allowed to start enough games, I am going with the over.
  1. Higher number: Number of game Gronkowski starts versus number of pornstars he is connected with in 2014.
  1. 4 – Over / under on number of weeks it takes for Joe Buck to get death threats for ruining NFL broadcasts he is working. It is a shame Fox can’t find a better partner for Troy Aikman, who is the best in the biz.
  1. Higher number: Idiots who get a bad tattoo as punishment for finishing last in their fantasy leagues versus morons who get arrested for streaking across NFL fields in 2014.
  1. More interceptions…..Richard Sherman or Earl Thomas. Sherman has the mouth, but Thomas may have the edge in skill believe it or not.

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