Top 10 hottest tech gadgets of 2017 gifts for tech geeks

top 10 hottest tech gadgets for 2017 gifts 2016 images

Top 10 hottest tech gadgets for 2017 gifts for tech geeks 2016 images

If you haven’t finished your gift shopping yet, you had better get started sooner rather than later. Before you know it the hottest gadgets will be gone and you will be left with last years toys that are outdated and out of style. Getting the right present has never seemed harder in today’s technology driven world.

However, if you’re not up-to-date of the latest technology, you might be hesitant to run out to Best Buy and pay for an expensive gadget you know nothing about. Lucky for you, we have assembled a list of the hottest gadgets to buy for your tech savvy friends this holiday season.

protable apple watch charger

Portable Apple Watch Charger

Any Apple lover probably bought the Apple watch within its first week of existence. While the watch does have an 18-hour battery life, you never know when that will fail–whether you forgot to charge the night before, or your day is longer than expected. This portable Apple charger will keep your busy friend going so they can check their email, texts, and important dates from the comfort of their wrists.

ben q light

BenQ e-Reading Lamp

The BenQ e-Reading Lamp is touted as ‘the world’s first lamp designed for e-Reading with good reason. It’s actually perfect just for that, and you can tell that it was smartly designed for that purpose. It featured ‘Wide’ lighting so that you have nearly double the usual lamp reading space, and it has an intelligent control to detect the illuminance of the environment you’re in so it gives you the best light that balances out any contrasting glare. That is quite a feat as most lamps just turn on and off without having those other daily issues to take into consideration.

BenQ has thought of those personal things that we look for when we want to have a tranquil moment or just be able to read without any eye strain or glare. You can even tailor-make your own brightness and color temperature as you see fit. Check out all of their amazing beautifully made products here.

native union iphone dock

Native Union iPhone Dock

When getting home from work, wouldn’t it be nice to put your iPhone down and listen to your favorite music or podcast? Most iPhone docks require their own space and take up a lot of it from other accessories in your home. However, unlike other iPhone docks, the Native Union dock features a sleek design that eliminates the clutter of extra cords hanging around. So, not only is this a great gift for anyone with an iPhone but also a great gift for those friends who can’t stand having a messy desk.

amazon dot images

Amazon Dot

The second generation of the Amazon Dot is the latest and hottest gadget produced by the Gargantuan company. Like its previous iteration, the Amazon Dot will act as a home assistant that can play music, report the latest news, and give you weather updates. Unlike its ancestor, the new Amazon dot has a better speaker, so you don’t have to yell for it to hear your requests. The Amazon Dot is so much nicer than Google‘s Home which still isn’t ready for prime time.

tablet stand

Tablet Stand

Even with technology, anyone who loves to cook is always pulling recipes from their tablets and has trouble keeping them clean during the process! This isn’t a fancy gadget, but it is a tool that will make cooking with an iPad or other tablets much easier. This handy stand can be used to keep a tablet propped up, so it’s easy to read while reading the latest recipes. It also helps keep the tablet from getting covered in prep work.

news classic edition

NES Classic Edition

If there’s someone in your life who misses their old Nintendo Entertainment System, then this is the best gift for them. This small system offers 30 games already built in, a controller and an HDMI cable to hook up to the TV. This is a hot item this holiday season so you better keep all your shopping alerts on high so you can snatch one before they sell out (again!). We have found a few left here, but they are a tough one to find.

wacom bamboo notepad

Wacom Bamboo Notepad

Artists can be hard to shop for, especially when you don’t know what kind of art they like to make. The new Wacom Bamboo Notepad is a great gift for the artsy type because unlike other drawing tablets, the Wacom lets you draw or write on paper and transfers the drawing to your tablet and/or smartphone. Even if you aren’t sure what medium they like using, this fun tool will let them have fun practicing their form.

roku express

Roku Express

In the current year, it’s hard to believe there are still those who haven’t hopped onto the SmartTV bandwagon. However, they still exist, and you won’t go wrong by getting them started with the best one on the market. The Roku Express has access to all the top streaming networks as well as other networks who have their content available through streaming subscriptions. The Roku Express has the best remote on the market and is significantly cheaper than the Apple TV.

fitbit charge 2 images

FitBit Charge 2

The FitBit Charge 2 is the newest edition in the variety of devices FitBit has on the market. It’s a great gift to give your friends and family who spend a lot of time at their desk and would like to get back in shape for the New Year. The new FitBit Charge 2 features a touch OLED screen that can display text messages and will also monitor your heart rate as well as your daily steps.

wonder clutch bluetooth speakers

The Wonder Clutch

Purses are typically a girl’s favorite accessory, especially since so many jeans come with really shallow pockets. Therefore, when you’re shopping for your sister or your girlfriend, why not get her a bag that’s really going to make her stand out. The Wonder Clutch is the perfect gift for a tech-savvy fashionista. The cute clutch not only pairs well with any outfit and it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. So, you’re fashion conscious friend never has to decide what to bring to the party every again. Hard to believe as it may be, but The Wonder Clutch has been a very fast seller this holiday season.

tile mate images


We all know that one person who can never keep track of their car keys. Even if they put them in the same spot, they also go missing. You can help by buying them the TileMate. TileMate is a nifty keychain that connects to an app on your smartphone. If they put their keys down and can’t find them, then they can log onto the app and track those keys down. Unfortunately, this means they will never have another excuse to be late again.

My Tech Geek Final Say On this Holiday Season

Shopping for the latest gadgets this holiday season doesn’t need to be a hassle. Log in to your favorite online shop and look at what the top sellers are, and you’ll be well on your way to learning what your tech savvy friends and family will have on their Christmas lists. Today’s gadget are all about taking the small things in life and making them easier to get through. Whether it’s finding misplaced keys or finding the motivation to start working out again, this season’s technology has got it covered. Don’t forget to check out our Top 10 hottest Celebrity Santa’s for a little holiday distraction.

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