Rymefest ready for Kanye West psych evaluation and Kimora Lee Simmons hubby washing that money

ryhmefest ready for kany west psych evaluation in 2016 gossip

Rymefest ready for Kanye West psych evaluation and Kimora Lee Simmons hubby 2016 gossip

Rhymefest to Kanye: “Get Help.”

Everyone has something to say about Kanye West right about now.  I mean, from his Twitter beefs and his calling women bitches (Taylor Swift) to begging for money because he’s $53 million in debt, there is something very strange going on with this tortured artist.

Finally, Rhymefest, Kanye’s writing collaborator, said what all of us have been thinking- Kanye needs professional help. This is not a quip at him but a serious observation with everything that has been going on. Rhymefest tweeted,

“My brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental…He should step away from the public … & heal…I love my brother. I pray for his health, not our entertainment.”

The songwriter is correct; this situation with Kanye is no joking matter. But what can be done to convince the rapper to get the help he clearly needs? It doesn’t even look like his wife can get through to him, which now that I think about it, could mean she is one of the reasons he’s going off the deep end.

Just my two cents.

kimora lee simmons washing that money 2016 gossip

Kimora Lee Simmons’ Husband Caught in Money Laundering Scandal

This is what happens when you marry for money. You end up with a guy who attained his riches in the most corrupt and dishonest way possible- money laundering. That’s what it looks like might be the case for Kimora Lee, who’s husband Tim Leissner, is under investigation on suspicion of money laundering.

Per the New York Post, Leissner may have misappropriated funds as a regional chairman of Goldman Sachs. And by funds, I mean nearly $1 billion. Here are some of the details of the report,

“A state fund — 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) — was set up with Leissner’s assistance, and Goldman Sachs was paid sky-high commissions for bond sales. Then $681 million tied to the fund mysteriously turned up in the bank account of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak…The FBI reportedly is investigating all the fund’s transactions in concert with wider probes of money-laundering allegations spanning five countries.”

Per the report, government officials want to know where the deposit came from because the claim that it was a gift from Saudi Arabia for helping to “fight against” ISIS sounds pretty bogus to me.

Gary Swiman, head of compliance and regulatory consulting services at EisnerAmper, told The Post, “People are smelling something here… This has been a disaster for Goldman.”

There is so much tied up in the situation and, of course, Kimora may also possibly be under investigation thanks to her husband’s questionable dealings. Apparently, he has taken a leave of absence from his Goldman Sachs position.

paul mccartney at wrong tyga party 2016 gossip

Paul McCartney Not Denied Entry to Tyga Party… Was at Wrong Location

So you know the reports that said that the Beatles’ Sir Paul McCarthy was denied access into Tyga’s Grammys after party at the Argyle in Hollywood? Well, according to the club, what really happened is he was at the wrong party.

As the story goes, Paul, Beck and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters were trying to get into a party at the Argyle but was denied access…twice. Supposedly, security told artists they were not welcomed and turned them away. According to TMZ, Paul was then heard saying, “How VIP do you we gotta get? We need another hit.”

That’s the initial narrative told on the gossip site, but now they are telling us that Mark Ronson’s Republic Records party was Paul and the crew’s destination the entire time, so it kind of makes sense that they didn’t get in the Argyle.

I am just going to play devil’s advocate here because I don’t see how him being at “the wrong party” makes the whole situation okay. I am sure that if Beyoncé or Taylor Swift showed up to the “wrong party”, they would no doubt be allowed in so that bull crap just doesn’t add up.

Just fess up Argyle, you guys didn’t let them in because you didn’t want to.