Robert Griffin III can’t avoid microphones but should

Robert Griffin III can't avoid micphones 2016 images

Robert Griffin III can't avoid micphones 2016 images

Instead of focusing on ‘mic drops,’ Robert Griffin III should avoid mics altogether. We all know RGIII is not going to do that, though. The new Cleveland Browns QB likes to hear himself talk too much to avoid the spotlight.

That being the case, he should avoid any and all media coverage of the NFL. That way Griffin won’t get his feelings hurt when he’s taken to task for the dumb things he says.

While there’s nothing wrong with using a little catchphrase like “No pressure, no diamonds.” It just gives the media another chance to pile on the guy.

Pro Football Talk did just that when RGIII offered his catchphrase up as advice to incoming NFL rookies. Proclaiming his words at a Browns presser a couple weeks ago a ‘mic drop’ just made the man look even more foolish.

It’s clear to every person on the planet when a mic has been dropped. If the dropper of the mic needs alert listeners of the droppage, then the alleged epic last words weren’t so Earth shattering.

And yes, I feel dumber for having to break down ‘mic drop etiquette.’

Until RGIII regains his rookie form, (see hell freezing timeline) he’s simply going to get clowned for any and all verbal missteps. And as we’ve seen in the past, the guy has pretty thin skin. So the only way he can keep his sanity is to avoid as much media coverage as possible.

Griffin can’t run away from reporters in his own locker room. He’ll have no choice but take the questions that will arise if his on-the-field struggles continue as a Cleveland Brown. He does have a choice in whether he pays attention to the coverage of how he answers all those questions.

None of us regular Joes would want our every sentence recapped and broken down like a Bill Belichick film session. It would be no fun to hear analysts dogging you for showing confidence and even going after you for your choice of catch-phrases.

No matter how mentally tough an athlete is, the daily spotlight has to start to burn at some point.

RGIII was the darling of the media coming out of college. The guy had just won the Heisman and had the so called “it factor” that made him a good story. Once things went sideways with his play, all that went away. The darling turned into a doormat.

And most of it was Griffin’s own fault.

Instead of being humbled by his downfall from an NFL rookie sensation, he appeared delusional about his play. Still does to this day.

It’s clear RGIII is never going to shy away from making ridiculous statements. And maybe false confidence is needed to keep going in the meat grinder that is the National Football League. But for his own mental health, he shouldn’t waste one minute worrying about what critics like me say about him.

Instead of worrying about dropping mics, he should drop his cable TV subscription, stop listening to sports talk, and avoid Twitter like a flesh eating virus. Not paying attention to what the sports world thinks of him should give Griffin lots more free time.

He’d be wise to use that time to perfect his drop backs instead of worrying about dropping mics.

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