Pokemon Go: 4 Ways to burn fat faster to accelerate fat loss

pokemon go 4 ways to burn fat faster and accelerate fat loss 2016 images

Pokemon Go: 4 Ways to burn fat faster to accelerate fat loss 2016 images

4 Ways to Burn Fat Faster With Pokemon Go

One of the best parts of the Pokemon Go craze is that it actually is good for your health. Just getting up off the couch and outside doing something active is good for you, plus it’s fun and somewhat addicting.

Most of us are always looking for a way to lose weight, but it always winds up feeling like work so we do it for a short period of time and find an excuse to stop. With Pokemon Go, you’re doing something you actually want to do, plus it can help you lose that weight you’ve been wanting too.

If you’re playing Pokemon Go, you’re going to be burning calories. There’s just no way around this. The game is designed in a way where you need to be active to make progress.

You need to constantly walk around looking for PokeStops to pick up potions, eggs, PokeBalls, etc. If you want to hatch an egg, you may need to walk a distance of 2 kilometers to even 8 kilometers depending on the egg’s requirement.

You’ll need to find Gyms to do battles in, and that requires you to walk around too. There’s no escaping this. In fact, there are many cases of people having sore leg muscles from walking so much while playing Pokemon Go.

If you’re overweight or obese and you love this game, you will not even feel like you’re exercising because you so engrossed in finding wild Pokemon and PokeStops. Now is the best time for you to accelerate your fat loss with a few simple steps.

  • In a fasted state

If you’re going to be playing Pokemon Go early in the day or on the weekends, do not consume any meals before you play. By walking around in a fasted state, your body will be forced to tap into its fat stores for fuel since it has low glycogen levels.

As long as you’re in a fasted state, your fat burning is accelerated. Do note that you should only be walking around in a fasted state for an hour and keep the pace moderate. After an hour, you can have a small meal. Drink water, though. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a strict fasted state, eat a small portion of nuts for a protein burst or a teaspoonful of peanut butter.

jogging while playing pokemon go

  • Run/jog instead of walking

Since you need to cover a certain distance, try to jog or run from point to point. Do not try to use a car and travel the distance just to game the system. Many people have tried it and the Pokemon Go system doesn’t really give them credit for distances that are traveled by a vehicle.

The higher the intensity, the more calories you’ll burn. In terms of the game, you’ll cover greater ground, find more Pokemon and PokeStops, pick up more useful items, find more Gyms to battle in to raise your experience points, etc.

  • Carry a water bottle

Always stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Your body needs water to metabolize the fat and accelerate your fat loss. Do not wait till you get thirsty. By then it’ll be too late. You’ll be dehydrated. You don’t want to end up like a fainted Pokemon.

pokemon go waterpokemon go water

  • Carry a backpack

If you really want to make your Pokemon Game more challenging, add a phone directory in a backpack and carry that around as you walk about looking for Pokemon creatures. With a water bottle in the bag too, this added weight will cause more resistance and you’ll require more effort to walk or run around.

Extra effort equals more work done… and that means more calories expended, which translates to more fat loss over time. Want to make it even more challenging? Wear ankle weights and walk around.

You won’t notice it because you’ll be so engrossed in the game. The game is the best distraction to the effort you’re actually putting in. On a normal day, if you’re training on a track, you’ll feel the weight with every step because your mind is not occupied by something as interesting or exciting as Pokemon Go.

Follow these 4 methods and after a month of playing Pokemon Go, you will be amazed at how much weight you’ve lost. This game has had more impact than any other fitness program in getting people to be active. This makes the Pokemon Go truly amazing.

Of course, make sure you check with a doctor before doing any exercise program, especially if you’ve been more sedentary than active in a while. Pokemon Go is one of the best and easiest ways to get you back to the body you’ve been longing for.