NFL Fireworks, Scott Disick’s New Home & Grande Damage Control

scott disick out of kourtney kardashian home 2015 gossip

jason pierre paul nfl fireworks accident with cj wilson 2015 gossipThe holiday weekend wasn’t all fun and games, especially for two NFL players.

Both New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ C.J. Wilson had to have fingers amputated following separate fireworks related accidents.

The news broke as ESPN’s Adam Schefter took to twitter to share the medical documents ESPN had obtained describing Jason Pierre-Paul’s finger amputation. Our own Shane McLendon broke the news about Pierre-Paul’s condition being worse than originally thought.

Adam Schefter, Twitter post:

Although the injury seems to be relatively serious, Adam Shefter followed his initial tweet assuring fans that Jason will be back playing ‘sooner than people think.’

Adam Shefter, Twitter post:

The defensive end has been in a Florida hospital since the Saturday night accident. Police are looking into the incident, as setting off fireworks is a chargeable offence in the jurisdiction the incident took place. Therefore, Jason is at risk of being charged with possession of fireworks.

Meanwhile, C.J. Wilson was also involved in a firework accident on Saturday. C.J. ended up losing two fingers in his hometown of Lincoln, North Carolina.

His team, The Buccaneers, has publicly acknowledged the injury but has not released any further information about his injuries.

kourtney kardashian with penelope disick at disneyland 2015 gossipKourtney Kardashian took daughter Penelope Disick to Disneyland to celebrate her 3rd birthday. Alongside Kourtney and Penelope, was much of Kourtney’s family and friends, including Kim Kardashian, North-West, Kris Jenner and Penelope’s siblings, Mason and Reign.

This outing and celebration occurred amidst the breakup of Kourtney and Scott (father of Penelope, Mason and Reign).

Some of the family took to twitter to share further celebration of Penelope’s big day, including grandma Kris Jenner. Posting a throwback photo of Penelope, with the caption “Happy 3rd Birthday to my little angel girl Penelope!!!!!! You are my ray of sunshine, who give the best hugs and sweetest kisses… I love you so much and thank God he has blessed us with YOU!!!! #loveofmylife #dollbaby #exactlylikeyourmother #couldyougetanycuter?!”

Kris Jenner, Instagram Post:

Sister, Khloe Kardashian, who was not present at Penelope’s Disney get-together, also posted a picture to Instagram of her and the birthday girl.

Meanwhile, father Scott Disick, who was unsurprisingly not present for Penelope’s day at Disneyland, also used Instagram to express birthday wishes to his daughter.

Scott shared a collage of Penelope, sporting different bold looks – including a tutu, furry vests and leather leggings. This post is Scott’s second social media post since news of the breakup surfaced. The first being a flyer promoting a party at 1Oak he will be hosting next Friday in Vegas (which has since been deleted).

The caption Scott attached to Penelope’s birthday shout-out reading “1 of the only things I’m proud off about myself. Happybdayp,” is seemingly more solemn than those of the rest of the Kardashian clan.

Though it doesn’t explicitly state anything, it does seem that Scott is feeling ashamed of his recent actions Especially since his location is apparently unknown right now, while the rest of his family celebrates his 3-year-old daughter’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Penelope!

Scott Disick, Instagram Post:

scott disick out of kourtney kardashian home 2015 gossipNow for the latest Scott Disick update:

Kourtney Kardashian is looking more serious this time. Less than a week after she called it quits with Scott Disick, after all those photos popped up showing him having a much better time partying with ex Chloe Bartoli in Monte Carlo, she’s moving him out.

scott disick assistant moving him out of kourtney kardashian home 2015 gossipScott’s assistants can be seen taking his brightly colored clothes out barely covered in what looks like white garbage bags…but we know Kardashians don’t move like that. I think at this point, Kourtney sees her boyfriend of nine years more in that league and yup, those are trash bags loaded up with his high price outfits. At least that $3.5 million Beverly Hills home he bought back in December is coming in handy. At the time he said it was an investment property, but I guess you can call it that as it’s investing in his future as a newly single bachelor to spread his kinda love.

arianna grande licking donuts 2015 gossipAriana  Grande has been on major damage control since video surfaced of her licking donuts on display as she waited inline at a California donut store.

The security camera footage also shows Arianna being affectionate, even kissing, speculated love interest Ricky Alvarez. Ricky, who is one of Arianna’s back up dancers, laughs as the singer places her tongue on multiple donuts, and eventually joins in her troublemaking as well.

This isn’t the only thing that got the pop star into trouble. The footage also shows Arianna saying, “I hate Americans. I hate America.” Unfortunately, this all surfaced right before her scheduled performance as a headliner at MLB’s All-Star Game concert.

It has since been announced that Demi Lovato will be replacing Arianna at the All-Star game, although Arianna has be adamant in clarifying the two incidents are not related.

Subsequently, Arianna has been under major criticism for her immature actions and unpatriotic remarks. This has lead to Arianna both apologizing for her actions, as well as deflecting defending the situation.

In a long explanation, posted to Arianna’s twitter, she apologizes for her words and behavior, but then goes onto explain her frustration with obesity and her passion for clean and healthy eating.

Not so fast Arianna, trying to somehow spin licking other people’s powdered donuts into a progressive action towards fighting obesity in America is not going to work.

The singer is 22-years-old. That’s probably the best explanation for her brief moment of mischief.

Arianna Grande, Tweet post: