Mariah Carey still questions Jennifer Lopez existence & Kim Richards comes clean again

mariah carey still questions jennifer lopez existence 2016 gossip

mariah carey still questions jennifer lopez existence 2016 gossip

You would literally have to be living under a rock to not know who Jennifer Lopez is. However, Mariah Carey, who frequently makes it very clear she doesn’t live under a rock, is once again claiming that she “doesn’t know” who J. Lo is.

While I think everyone can see right through Mariah’s shady claim, this hasn’t stopped her from saying it. It all started over a decade ago when she was asked about Jen by a paparazzi, and she simply responded, “I don’t know who she is.” However, the remark got dredged up once again when Jennifer appeared on The Wendy Williams show. Host Wendy asked Jennifer about Mariah’s snide comment and Jennifer tried to play it off lightly by saying, “[Mariah] is forgetful I guess! We’ve met many times.”

Shortly after Jennifer’s appearance Mariah was once again asked about J. Lo by a TMZ cameraman and like a true diva, Mariah stated she “still doesn’t know who [Jennifer Lopez] is.”

It appears that whatever drama the two stars had between them over ten years ago is still very much relevant today.

Although Jennifer Lopez is willing to acknowledge Mariah’s existence, she did opt to not attend any of Mariah’s Las Vegas shows. This behavior is notable, as Jennifer has attended and supported pretty much every other residency show in Vegas.

Nonetheless, Mariah is certainly doing all of the right things to establish herself as Hollywood’s biggest diva.

rhobh kim richards comes clean again 2016 gossip

While former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards remains adamant that she is going to keep her recovery more private this time around, she couldn’t help but take up the opportunity to be a guest on her friend Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live!

 On Tuesday’s show, Andy got Kim to open up about her recovery, as well as the recent death of her ex-husband, Monty Brinson. Kim first explained, “I’m in recovery and I’ve decided that, you know, the last time I shared my recovery with the world, that it became no longer mine. It was the publics.” She went on to state, “This time in my recovery, I’ve decided to keep it for myself. I do share it with my children so that their worries are…that they don’t have any worries. That they know I keep them up to date on what I’m doing in my recovery. But for the public, I’ve decided that it’s really not their business.”

Although Kim did have a brief appearance on the current season of Real Housewives, she opted (and was highly encouraged) to not return as a full-time cast member. However, this hasn’t stopped her name from being brought on a numerous occasions by the other housewives. Kim expressed her frustration to Andy about being the topic of housewives’ conversation. She said, “I just feel that, why do they have to discuss me on the show when I clearly was not a part of it. I do feel that Lisa [Vanderpump] cares. I feel like my sister, of course, cares.”

Afterwards, she opened up about Monty’s passing. Kim admitted, “ I wasn’t really sure how I would be [after he died]. I was a little nervous myself. But…our family and I we’re all sticking very close together, and I know he’s an angel over us.”

Kim seems to be doing a lot better these days, so here’s hoping that this attempt at recovery is finally the one that lasts.