Lammily Dolls Review: 2015 Hottest Girls Toys For Xmas

lammily doll review 2015

There was a time when the only “doll” that we knew of was Barbie. Of course, that is no longer the case, as more dolls joined her. One of the recent dolls to join the fray is Lammily, and she is the most realistic we have seen so far!

How Much?

Lammily Doll has a price tag of $25.00. As for the clothes and accessories, they are sold separately.

Who Would Buy The Lammily Doll

Many parents are not too keen on having their little girls dote too much on, or even idolize, Barbie. She’s simply too perfect, and that cannot be good. At least, that’s what they think. So they want something more realistic – a doll that is closer to reality than Barbie. They want a doll that will also help their child develop a positive body image instead of aspire to be perfect, which is close to impossible. That is where Lammily Doll comes in.

lammily dolls 2015 hottest kids toysThings We Like About The Lammily Doll

The concept of the Lammily Doll is to represent a real woman – one with typical human body proportions, instead of the reed-thin frames and thin waists seen on most other fashion dolls. Makers of Lammily Dolls definitely succeeded in that. She looks, most definitely, like most women.

This doll is designed with articulated elbows, hands, feet, and knees. That makes her easy to play around with, since she can do a lot of things.

Fashion-wise, she comes with one set of outfits. Of course, little girls always want to play dress up and will not be satisfied with only the one set. That’s why it’s a good thing that they can simply purchase other clothes and accessories for their doll.

Things We Did Not Like About The Lammily Doll

According to the manufacturers, only Lammily branded fashions will fit on the doll. This is a limitation that many may have a problem with, since their options will be limited to what the Lammily store will offer.


Lammily does not warrant that the quality of their product will meet buyers’ expectations, and neither do they warrant that any problems or issues will be corrected or rectified.

Is The Lammily Doll Worth The Money?

Except for the fact that there seems to be no warranty coverage in place, the Lammily Dolls look to be a solid purchase.

Where Can I Buy The Lammily Doll?

You can buy the Lammily Doll directly from the manufacturer by ordering through their website. Other retailers are also good sources, although you have to make sure that they are authorized by the manufacturer. We suggest you check out Amazon, who is one of the authorized retailers. They are a trusted marketplace, they offer great deals, and you can even buy a Lammily Doll from them and have it shipped to your doorstep, for free! Check back here for your best prices with holiday season coming up.

Final Thoughts For The Lammily Doll

We definitely would not say no to a doll that looks real yet beautiful at the same time!