KNOCK KNOCK: Eli Roth Brings Keanu Reeves Back

eli roth knock knock trailer 2015

eli roth knock knock trailer 2015

The official trailer for the upcoming horror film Knock, Knock has been released and if you’re a sometime fan of Eli Roth, like I am, then this trailer might really grab your attention. Knock, Knock stars Keanu Reeves as a family man who gets caught up in every man’s nightmare. Two pretty young girls knock on his door late at night begging to use his phone. They end up seducing the father and husband in to having a steamy threesome that he will soon regret when the women show up the next day to brutally torture him!

The film is being considered an unofficial remake of the 1977 exploitation film Death Game. Eli Roth is the writer and director of the film. If you know anything about his other films which include Hostel I & II, then you know he’s a big fan of the torture porn genre. His films helped aid in the development of the term “torture porn.” I’m sure he won’t go light on the violence in this one.

The beginning half of the film will have a big erotica feel to it no doubt. Does anyone else find creepy that Eli Roth is directing his own wife Lorenza Izzo in a threesome scene?

keanu reeves tied up for eli roths knock knock movie 2015

Guess it’s just me then.

The film reminds me of a classic psychological thriller/horror film Funny Games (the original film, not the 2007 remake although the remake was not that bad). Funny Games followed two young psychopathic men as they take a family hostage while they’re on vacation and play terrible, torturous games with them. The film is highly controversial and forces the audience to question why we often enjoy seeing such meaningless violence play out on the big screen. It makes it even more bizarre when you like the film because of the guilt trip it pulls on you.

I have no doubt that Knock, Knock won’t be nearly as psychologically smart as Funny Games, but you never know. Keanu Reeves has not been knocking it out of the park at the box office as much as he used to, but his last film John Wick was a big success. That was due to the fact that it was a mainstream action flick. A torture porn movie with a threesome sex scene is not exactly the normal Saturday night choice of entertainment. Keanu is still looking good for his age and it is not hard to believe that a man wouldn’t be able to resist two pretty girls grabbing all over his junk. The real test will come in at how authentic the torture scenes are..or how close they will come to being authentic.

The terror begins with an innocent knock at the door. It is pouring down rain and when he opens the door, the are two attractive young ladies completely wet and seductive. They seem innocent enough.

The girls request help with using his phone and give him the “stranded with no help” routine.

He lets them in, and one thing leads to another. The next thing he knows, they have seduced him into an erotic scene of a threesome. That seems to be the end of the night, and we see him regretting his decision the next day.

But the girls are back to punish and torture him in classic Eli Roth style. The sinister antics of the two girls lead him on a torturous journey for survival against the exploits of their disturbed minds. What started out as a good deed quickly spirals into hellish situation.

It’s been said to be a modernization of the 1977 Peter Traynor film “Death Game.”

“Knock Knock” stars Reeves, Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas, Aaron Burns, Ignacia Allam and Colleen Camp.

The film actually debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January before Lionsgate quickly stepped in and snagged it.

Sadly, the movie only has a U.K. Release date of June 26th, but no US release date. We can only hope it will come sometime soon.

Knock Knock Movie Trailer