Kitty For Rita Ora, 911 Lie, NeNe Leakes Beef & Terrance Howard’s Life Rivaling Lucious Lyon

league steve rannazzisi lied about 911 escape 2015 gossip

It is the mid-week hump and there is a lot of to talk about. Rita Ora show off her animal love, “The League’s” star 911 lie, NeNe Leakes continues beefing about the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and Terrance Howard‘s real life is rivaling “Empire’s” Lucious Lyon’s.

Rita Ora Loves the Kitties

I want to give a shout out to Rita Ora for showing some love to a great and dear teammate to Movie TV Tech Geeks. We have joined forces with North Shore Animal League America to help bring awareness about the many, many animal in need of good homes.

While on MTV’s Girl Code she showered a super cut kitty with hugs and kisses and rocked her North Shore Animal League America #getyourrescueon bracelet.

Thanks Rita for the support!

league steve rannazzisi lied about 911 escape 2015 gossipSteve Rannazzisi Lies About 9/11 Escape

You have to really be one sick pup to lie about being a part of one of the most devastating events to ever happen to this country. Comedian Steve Rannazzisi did just that and has finally admitted that his escaping from 9/11 was all a lie.

“The League” star made up an elaborate, harrowing story about working at Merrill Lynch on the 54th floor of the south tower when the north tower was attacked. He claimed that after seeing/hearing it, he took to the streets before his own building when down which he attributed to the moment he realized he should pursue what he loved most because life was too short to wait.

Now how he was able to go on as long as he did telling this lie is beyond me because surely someone present with him during that time would have spoken up sooner. But as he was confronted recently with evidence that debunks his story, he had no choice but to tell the truth. His publicist released this statement:

“I was not at the Trade Center on that day… I don’t know why I said this. This was inexcusable. I am truly, truly sorry.”

You don’t know why you made this up?

This, no doubt, will affect his sponsorships and other endorsement he has with brands like Buffalo Wild Wings.

While he has declined interviews, he has made this statement,

“For many years, more than anything…I have wished that, with silence, I could somehow erase a story told by an immature young man. It only made me more ashamed. How could I tell my children to be honest when I hadn’t come clean about this?”

Such a load of crap!

nene leakes says no amiyah scott for real housewives of atlanta 2015 gossipNene Leakes and Amiyah Scott Beefing… Over… What?

NeNe truly is something else and even if you don’t like her, you kind of have to give her credit for having guts out of this world.  I mean really, she does not care at all.

Most recently she has said some things about Amiyah Scott the transgender model who we all thought was joining this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to Leakes, it’s not true and was only rumored so the network can get more viewers since she has left the show.

Of course Scott clapped back at NeNe suggesting that NeNe herself is a transgendered woman.

“I just don’t understand why it’s so much shade…You would think that transgender women would support each other.”

There is always so much going on and NeNe, as when she was on the show, is the center of it all. Not only has she said Scott is not joining the show, but also mentioned that the others (Kim Fields, Sheree Whitfield, etc) aren’t joining either, which is interesting because from what I have seen, Whitfield and Fields have been at tapings for season eight, so

terrance howard personal life rivals empire 2015 gossipTerrance Howard Personal Issues Getting the Best of Him? Or is his life imitating Lucious Lyon on Empire?

You would think that with Terrance Howard being on the hottest show set to return to television next week, Empire, he would be in a pretty okay place financially. But when you have ex-wives and personal issues to deal with, it can make even the best things in life seem distant. His Lucious rivals his own personal life mess so it’s easy to see why he’s taken to that character so well.

It is no secret that Terrance has been going through a pretty ugly court situation with one of his exes who supposedly was trying to stick him for all his paper. There have even been reports that he is broke and living off of his current but soon to be ex-wife.

He recently let us in on more than just a little bit in reference to the things that use to go down with him and his exes and has admitting to hitting at least one of them in front of their children.

“She was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids.” Howard, who was arrested following the incident, tells the magazine. “Her lawyer said it was a closed fist, but even slapping her was wrong.” (The police report also notes that Howard “punched her twice with a closed fist.”)

As for his second wife, Michelle Ghent, Howard was accused (in a lawsuit she filed) of beating her severely in 2013 in Costa Rica.

According to the lawsuit, Howard “followed [Ghent] into the restroom of the rental house and punched her on the left side of her face. [Howard] also grabbed [her] by her neck and pushed her against the bathroom wall and strangled her for several seconds.”

Howard responds to these allegations as well in the Rolling Stone interview. “She was trying to Mace me,” Howard explains, “and you can’t see anything so all you can do is try to bat somebody away, and I think that something caught her. But I wasn’t trying to hit her.”

Howard’s relationship with his current wife, Mira Pak, also appears to be conflicted. Pak — the mother of Howard’s son Qirin — is present and affectionate throughout most of the interview, and Howard remarks of their relationship, “When you meet your one, it’s completely balanced … I’ve got a good wife.” Strangely, Pak reportedly separated from Howard in 2014 and earlier this year, filed for a divorce, which is expected to be finalized soon.

It kind of makes sense now why he seems to have so many problems dealing with the court situation. Based on his Rolling Stones interview, Terrance is kind of crazy himself. Even in his third marriage, that is supposedly about to end, it is clear that he is somewhat of a troubled man. According to his current wife Pak,

“He’s not perfect. Doesn’t do the dishes. Doesn’t cook. Doesn’t lift a finger. I probably leave him 30 times a month…He’s so selfish. But, you know, he didn’t have much of a childhood. It was difficult for him being picked on and bullied all the time. We don’t have a normal life.”

That is truly sad.