Is Cyber Monday Worth It? Plus Some Hot Deals

is cyber monday worth it 2015 tech

is cyber monday worth it 2015 techCyber Monday is obviously just as gimmicky as Black Friday, but the big question is ‘are all those deals advertised worth all the anxiety and work?’ There are some sale events that are flat out gimmicks. Some are hassles, and some will offer sale items, but have such a limited supply of the sale items that only a handful of people are able to get any kind of savings.

Keeping checking our Cyber Monday section as we’ll continually update it along with Cyber Monday for your shopping convenience. You can also check out Amazon’s Black Cyber Monday deals here as they’ll keep changing as fast as a Kardashian’s Instagram page.

This kind of experience with sales that weren’t helpful have some people trying to decide – is Cyber Monday worth it? But for people who think like that, it’s only because they haven’t experienced the fun of getting great items at unbelievable prices before.

It’s definitely worth it to get the things you want to have for yourself or others and save money in the process. When you think about the sale day, think about big-ticket items that you could get.

With the majority of these, you end up saving hundreds of dollars. So if you’re in the market for something like a new appliance, then you need to make a list of the items you want and go shopping on Cyber Monday.

You can find things such as refrigerators. And not the low end, off brand ones either. You can find top of the line, name brand refrigerators on sale. Online stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Amazon and more had appliances on sale.

Last year, there were Kenmore refrigerators on sale, both the 18 as well as the 25 cu ft on sale. You could get the standard model or the side by side even in the popular stainless steel.

Plus, the amount that some people were able to save on a refrigerator was as much as $1,000 on some models like the Kenmore 22.1 cu. ft French door one that had the bottom freezer.

Because some of the most popular refrigerators were on sale, you can expect that again this year. Keep an eye on the LG 20.7 cu. ft. refrigerator that’s made for counter depth. That’s a popular choice, and so are the four-door refrigerators. Those will be highly popular sale items.

If you’ve never used a four door refrigerator, once you get it, you’ll love it and won’t ever want to switch back to what you had before. The one to watch for sale this year is the Samsung 28. 15 cu. ft. French Door model that also has an ice maker. The finish for this one is stainless steel.

Besides being on the lookout for sales with refrigerators, you want to look for stoves like the GE Profile 30” slide in that has the smooth surface top which are always easier to clean than models that aren’t smooth surface.

While you’re looking for refrigerators or a stove, don’t forget to look up how much you can save on a new washer and dryer while you’re at it. In some cases, you can save so much on one appliance, it’s almost as if the second one is free.

cyber monday amazon deals 2015 images techHere’s the best deals on Amazon for Cyber Monday right now, but as you know, they keep changing so you can keep checking back by clicking on the above picture for the latest:

Star Buys

There’s a familiar look to this section as Amazon is keeping some of its biggest Black Friday biggest deals available over Cyber Monday and the best are on its own popular Kindle and Fire product lines:

  • $99.99 Kindle Paperwhite (regular price starts at $119)
    $34.99 Fire 7-inch tablet (regularly $50)
  • Fire Kids Edition for $84.99 (regularly $100)
  • $25 off Amazon Fire TV (regularly $100)
  • 50% off Kindle and Kindle for Kids Bundle (regularly $139.99)

New standouts added specifically for Cyber Monday also include:

  • Amazon Echo for $149 (normally $180)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive — one year of Unlimited Photo storage for $1 (normally $12)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive — one year of Unlimited Everything storage for $5 (normally $60)
  • $100 off Philips Fidelio Noise-Cancelling Headphones (originally $300)

Solid Deals

Elsewhere Amazon also has several deals that are worth your attention. Most notably:

  • $40 off Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch (originally $250, previously $149)
  • $35 off Sony SmartBand 2 (normally $130)
  • 30% off Mira Wellness and Activity Bracelet (normally $169)
  • 60% off MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones (normally $30)
  • 40% off Pencil by FiftyThree (normally $50)

Treat With Caution

As always with Amazon sales, the deals to be careful about are the ones which sound too good to be true, but remain light on details. This is particularly true for TVs where quality can be extremely inconsistent at different price brackets – even among the top manufacturers. Await specific model numbers and do your research before clicking the Buy button:

  • An LG 60-inch 1080p TV for “less than $700″
  • A “top-selling 48-inch 4K TV Home Theater Bundle” for “less than $600″
  • $100 “or more” off on select LED and curved monitors from Samsung
  • $200 off an “Intel-powered Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop”
  • 25 percent off a “top-rated HD action camera”

As with Black Friday, Amazon has also promised to run ‘Deals of the Day’ which will appear between 3 pm and 11 pm PST and run all the way through to December 9th.