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Hulkbuster Review: 2015 Hottest Holiday Kids Toys

avengers hulkbuster review 2015If you’ve seen “Avengers: The Age of Ultron”, you’re probably wondering whether you can have those characters and their toys to become, well, your own toys. Great news: you can. And one of them is the Hulkbuster.

How Much?

The Marvel Legends Hulkbuster Iron Man can be built using seven figures, with each figure costing around $20.00.

Who Would Buy The Hulkbuster

First, fans of both The Avengers and Iron Man films will definitely think it’s a crime NOT to have the Hulkbuster. The build-a-figure concept of this toy also makes it a great toy for young kids who are still in the process of developing their motor skills. It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle, only better. It’s a good learning tool, and it will also introduce them to the Marvel universe.

hulkbuster age of ultron boy play 2015Things We Like About The Hulkbuster

There are several other versions of the Hulkbuster released by other manufacturers. However, this particular Hulkbuster Iron Man from Hasbro is 9-inches tall. That is already a giant, compared to the others.

Having the Hulkbuster also means that you will have to get other seven Marvel Legends figures, which is already a good thing, because you have seven figures that will combine and become the massive Hulkbuster! These other Marvel Legends include Dr. Strange, Valkyrie, Blizzard, Vision, War Machine, Thundra, and Iron Man. They all contain parts that will be essential in forming Hulkbuster. Indeed, this is a great way to get acquainted with the other (lesser known) characters in the Marvel universe.

Individually, the figures look slick and are designed to look exactly like the characters. They are already more than satisfying on their own, but when combined together, you get a very impressive Hulkbuster. It’s like getting 8 toys for the price of 7!

Things We Did Not Like About The Hulkbuster

Not everyone is really keen on spending on 7 toys when they can just purchase a Hulkbuster right off the bat. But where is the fun in that?


You can count on Hasbro to provide products of high quality, and with proper warranty coverage. Unfortunately, the exact details applicable to this product is not yet released.

Is The Hulkbuster Worth The Money?

There are many Build-A-Figure toys out there, but the Hulkbuster is truly amazing, and that is more than enough reason for us to conclude that it is very much worth the money.

Where Can I Buy The Hulkbuster?

Hasbro’s store is sure to have the figures available for sale. Of course, you may also seek them out in other legitimate sellers. Online, one of the most reliable places is Amazon. Not only do they have excellent customer support, they also offer Free Shipping for many of their products. Discounts are also offered often, which buyers can take advantage of. Keep checking here for your best prices.

Final Thoughts For The Hulkbuster

Building a figure is fun, but with the way the Hulkbuster has been conceptualized, building it is even doubly enjoyable!

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