Hello Barbie Doll Review: 2015 Hottest Kids Toys

Hello Barbie Doll Review 2015 Hottest Kids Toys Images

Hello Barbie Doll Review 2015 Hottest Kids Toys ImagesThe Hello Barbie Doll is a Barbie Doll like no other. How often have you overheard your little one having a chat with her dolls? Well, imagine how much fun she could have if the doll was talking back to her! That’s what the Hello Barbie Doll offers. Using WiFi to access a huge catalogue of responses and speech recognition technology to recognise what your child is saying, the Hello Barbie Doll can have a fully interactive conversation with your child! Not only that, but the Hello Barbie Doll will learn from your child and adapt to know her likes and dislikes. This really is the next generation of doll!

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Features of the Hello Barbie Doll

  • 3.4 x 13 x 10 inches
  • For ages 6 – 15
  • 1 non-standard battery required (included)
  • Barbie doll that chats and talks back
  • Uses WiFi to access more than 8,000 lines of recorded chat
  • US product only

 Hello Barbie Doll review images 2015Is the Hello Barbie Doll Worth Buying?

The way the Hello Barbie Doll works is relatively simple. You must download and install an app on your smart device, and set up an account with ToyTalk. This is the program that allows Hello Barbie to access the voice library and interact with your child. By pressing and holding a button on Hello Barbie’s belt, you tell the doll to start listening to you. Barbie will then respond to the child’s conversation. This may be answering a question, asking her own questions, or even telling a joke.

Many parents have concerns over the security over the Hello Barbie Doll. Everything that your child says to Barbie (when her listening button is pressed) is recorded and sent to ToyTalk. This initially sparked many fears amongst parents. However, the reality is that this is something parents can use to their benefit. Using their own ToyTalk account, they can listen back to all of the conversations their child has had with Barbie, and if anything is untoward, there is a 24 helpline.

From a practical sense, Hello Barbie’s WiFi can sometimes be less than perfect, but that aside, this is very much a learning doll. The longer your child has Hello Barbie, the better the doll will be able to learn and respond to conversations. There does not seem to be any foundation to any security risks, and there is a very good chance that this is just the start of the interactive doll. It may seem odd now, but Hello Barbie is likely to the front-runner in a whole new style of doll. Check here for the best prices as they’ll change throughout the holiday season.