Gwen Stefani Already Making Sweet Music With Blake Shelton & Liam Hemsworth Top Shot

gwen stefani already making sweet music with blake shelton 2015 gossip

gwen stefani already making sweet music with blake shelton 2015 gossipKicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, in a recent interview on the Ellen Degeneres show, Justin Bieber revealed that he and ex- girlfriend Selena Gomez have a history together and implied that the only reason they have been apart is because they are both on their own journeys. Bieber said in the future they will either rediscover each other, or both of them will discover someone right for them.

Taylor Hill recently posed for a series of photos to be featured in the fall 2015 Neiman Marcus catalog. Not only did she walk the New York City streets with a photographer shooting her for the catalog she was also equipped with a selfie stick to take her own photos (which screams, I’m a tourist, please rip me off…even though she is the furthest thing from a tourist.)In addition to appearing in the Neiman Marcus catalog, she will also appear in this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Newly divorced Gwen Stefani is appearing on the cover of In Style magazine’s December 2015 issue. In the accompany cover story, Stefani admitted that like many career women, she has had difficulty balancing her work life with her family life. On a personal note, Stefani is moving on since her divorce and just started publically dating Blake Shelton.

Speaking of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, the brand new couple has reportedly already written a song together. A source told the media that it is a country song and that Stefani sang it beautifully. Those close to the couple report that they have been helping each other move on after both their divorces. The two have reportedly had a long-term friendship that seems to have led them to their romantic relationship.

During a recent appearance for Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, Stefani surprisingly refused to admit to him that she is dating Blake Shelton. She said she had given enough of herself to Seacrest and wasn’t going to comment on the rumors that the two of them were dating. It seems Stefani may have been a bit gun shy about admitting she’s in a new relationship.

kate winslet talks up liam hemsworth movie 2015 gossipKate Winslet recently spoke with Graham Norton and happily recounted her memories of working with Liam Hemsworth on the movie “The Dressmaker.” She talked about one scene from the movie in particular that was filmed over the course of 12 hours. In order to film the scene, Winslet talked about how Hemsworth had to keep taking his shirt off. She confessed that her teenage daughter was jealous that she got to work with a topless Hemsworth.

Fans of Hemsworth are flocking to the newsstands to purchase the December 2015 U.K. cover of Men’s Health magazine thanks to his status as a cover model. In an interview with the magazine, Hemsworth said that he has become good friends with Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence after working with them on the set of the latest Hunger Games movie, set for release next month.

Khloe Kardashian recently admitted on her own website what a rebel she really was as a teenager. She talked about having been arrested at the age of 15 because she had stolen her own mother’s car. Khloe admitted she stole the car to go meet an older boy that she didn’t want her mother to know she was meeting. She was pulled over by the police and taken to jail.

A pregnant Kristen Cavallari is appearing on the December/January issue of American Baby magazine. During her interview with the magazine Kristen said she and husband Jay are expecting a baby girl that will join the couple’s two young sons. She also admitted that the two of them have attended therapy sessions together to keep their marriage strong.

Last week Katy Perry made an appearance at a New York City fundraising event held at Carnegie Hall. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the Meditate New York Initiative, run by David Lynch. Also in attendance at the event was Sting.

WSJ Magazine has just named Angelina Jolie as their Entertainment/Film Innovator of the year. Last week the magazine threw an awards ceremony to present her with the honor. The awards presentation was held at the Museum of Modern Art. Also in attendance were Robert DeNiro, Karlie Koss and Lily Donaldson. Featured in the magazine’s cover story, Jolie talked about not only starring in but directing the upcoming “By The Sea” which she filmed with husband Brad Pitt. She confessed that during filming they stayed away from each other and didn’t act like husband and wife. “By The Sea” was screened last week at Manhattan’s Directors Guild of America Theatre.

At the recent 2015 Country Music Awards, the reported highlight of the night was a performance by Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake. Their performance was praised by many on Twitter that encouraged anyone who hadn’t seen their performance to check it out.

Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid have reportedly already fizzled out after a brief period of dating. The split was allegedly not a dramatic one, but Gigi and Joe have agreed to go their separate ways. Gigi attended a Halloween party held by Kendall Jenner without Joe in tow. The two haven’t been seen together since.

In a recent interview on an Australian radio show, Rebel Wilson expressed her distaste for Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She said that she was asked to present an award with them at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, but she declined. Wilson stated her reason for saying no was that what the two stand for are things she is completely against. She also called the sisters superficial and said their respective careers don’t seem to be based on talent. Geez Rebel, tell us how you really feel. Some people truly do live up to their name.

Wrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip, Leah Remini recently gave Howard Stern an interview where she said both she and Tom Cruise were equal in the world of Scientology.