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Despite Netflix’s faux pas with Iron Fist, we Marvel fans are in for a treat. The new Defenders trailer came out recently, and it is exciting! It’s just as exciting after a few viewings too.

The trailer begins with Jessica Jones handcuffed and being interrogated by Misty Knight. A cool start for the trailer alone bringing together two known names in Marvel’s street universe. Jessica interfered in Misty’s investigation of a case that led to the death of Misty’s lead. It’s not long ‘til Jessica’s assigned lawyer appears. Everyone’s favorite lawyer, Matt Murdoch, unless you count in Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk). Come to think of it, wonder if she’ll ever make an appearance even as just a colleague or competitor? But right off the bat, we have three Marvel names in the first few seconds.

The trailer switches over to Luke Cage talking to Claire Temple. She tells him she has someone for him to meet. The scene then switches over to Danny Rand. So Luke then meets Danny in an alley, and it becomes hero vs. hero time. The unstoppable force meets the immovable object. Danny tells Luke in the gym that he’s The Immortal Iron Fist and we see how ridiculous that sounds to people who hear it.

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We then get a montage narrated by Daredevil’s mentor Stick telling us who the players are. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, the Smart-ass detective, the righteous ex-con and a kid with a glowing fist. We then see Elektra in the process of revival which shows that she’s going to be one of their adversaries. The other being Sigourney Weaver in a mysterious role as Alexandra, an original character for the show. In a previous article about Iron Fist, we discussed how inconsistent the Hand seems to be, but things may come together in this new series. While Stick totally killed Nobu, we still have Bokuto to deal with and now Alexandra. Bokuto it seems won’t be showing up in The Defenders, but most of the supporting cast will be returning such as Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, Misty Knight, Trish Walker, Jeri Hogarth, Claire Temple, Coleen Wing and Stick. One addition is Shaft, played by Marko Zaror.

We then see all four Defenders working together in action montages. It’s fun looking at them beating up bad guys as they make their way through a corridor. We then see them talking in a Chinese restaurant with Danny being excited that him, a bulletproof man, a blind ninja they and whatever Jessica is work can as a team. Again, it’s awesome seeing the four work together in one screen. It’s a feeling not felt since the Avengers. But what about the heroes of the Justice League in the Arrowverse? Strangely, it doesn’t feel the same as the other heroes aren’t as fleshed out like Arrow and Flash.

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The Defenders begin showing this coming 18th of August and will be 8 episodes long. Feels pretty weird that eight won’t be enough but thirteen is too much given the number of characters to work with. But all the same, we wouldn’t want the audience to get bored or be saddled with too many fillers.

You can check out the trailer on the link below:

Hope you’re now as excited as we are.

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