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ESPN hit piece doesn’t sway Stephen Curry from Draymond Green

ESPN hit piece doesn't sway Stephen Curry from Draymond Green 2016 images

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson Jump to Defend Draymond Green After ESPN Hit Piece

After ESPN released a scathing story detailing the difficult, toxic relationship that has grown over the past few seasons between Draymond Green and his teammates on the Golden State Warriors, the team’s stars are firing back.

The article, which goes into Green’s technical fouls in the playoffs, the kick, the suspension, and other portions of Draymond and his interactions with teammates features testimony from an anonymous team official.

“The guys might be frustrated by his antics, but they had an opportunity to prove themselves without him in Game 5,” said the Warriors official, referring to the game of this past season’s NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in which Green was suspended. “They played like a bunch of [cowards].”

Klay Thompson took offense to that.

“How are you not going to put your name to that quote?” asked Thompson rhetorically. “It’s easy to point at someone and call them a coward behind a shade or a shield, you know? But why don’t you put your name to it, and then you can call us cowards…But to say we played like cowards, and you’re not going to quote the guy who said it? That’s weak to me.”

Oddly enough, Klay didn’t really deny anything. He more so defended the team against the coward accusations. Reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry wasn’t so one-dimensional.

draymond green feels espn hit piece

“Honestly, none of that stuff has crept in,” said Curry. “We have to respond. Obviously the article about Draymond, we all thought it was ridiculous and kind of looking through a keyhole at somebody’s life that you don’t really know about…When we get back in the locker room and practice, and when we’re by ourselves, the mood is pretty solid, something that I’m pretty confident will allow us to have maturity when it comes to the noise around us and how we handle it and not letting that affect…how we see each other and let that get in the way. I’m going to do my part in trying to lead that charge and make sure it’s all about basketball.”

Though Curry may not be overly convincing to everyone, all the Warriors have to do is stay somewhat together to win 60 games and make the Finals with their talent.

Every other team in the league is praying that story is correct.

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