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Donald Trump has fat chance to be the next James Bond

Donald Trump has fat chance to be the next James Bond 2016 images

Aidan Turner, Tom Hardy, James Norton, Jack Huston, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston are the names atop of the list of the betting favorites to land the next James Bond role. However, Donald Trump‘s name has betting odds associated with it too. For those suckers out there that think he has a better than 1 in a 1000 chance of becoming the next James Bond, Trump is 1000 to 1 with Ladbrokes sportsbook to do so. The odds makes him the last favorite with the sportsbook, tied with Alan Curbishley, Alastair Cook, Boris Johnston, and Jeremy Corbin.

The politician and president-elect of the United States has some other frivolous betting lines associated with his name. The betting lines are probably meant to generate some keyword-oriented traffic no doubt as opposed to being of a serious nature. Besides the James Bond role, Trump is also on the radar with Paddy Power to win the WWE’s 2017 Royal Rumble, a matter I looked at in another article: “Donald Trump,” I wrote, “could ‘deport’ some illegal Mexican wrestlers over the top rope…with the help of…some ‘real Americans’ like Hulk Hogan.” For those that followed wrestling in the 1980s and 1990s, Rick Derringer’s “Real American” was the theme song of the Hulkster, the man who played a key role in bringing down Gawker. Due to Trump’s stand against illegal immigration, perhaps the theme music would be fitting for him.

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Another frivolous betting line is for Trump to turn the White House into gold with odds of 66 to 1 with Paddy Power on that. But on the serious side of political betting, Hillary Clinton is 4 to 1 to be arrested before 2020 with betway. The current issue with her is the email scandal that she claimed rocked her chances of winning the presidency. However, that issue itself seems to be dead even despite the fact that the Republicans were successfully able to beat a dead horse and ‘trump’ up some late-campaign anti-Clinton sentiment with it.

Betfred sportsbook makes Trump 2 to 1 not to last a year in office. The widespread protests in the USA could be seen in relation to those betting odds as Trump seemingly lacks the credibility that all other presidents of recent memory seemed to have upon winning The White House. Love ’em or hate’ em, Barrack Obama, George Bush I and II, and Bill Clinton never had campaigns that contributed to the devastating vandalism and outbreak of civil disobedience that the USA is going through right now. In a similar betting line, Paddy Power make Trump 6 to 1 to be impeached before the end of 2020. Apparently, Michael Moore’s dream come true.

For those that got reeled into the article by the “James Bond” wording, the outright betting favorite is Aidan Turner. Don’t ask me who that is, but his IMDB.com homepage says he’s from Dublin and that he appeared in The Hobbit trilogy of movies from a few years back. Looking back at a June article at with Mirror, Aidan was called “the red hot favorite to be revealed as Daniel Craig‘s replacement in the long-running spy film series” (Carl Greenwood/June 4th, 2016). Odds of +250 certainly don’t make him “red hot” right now, but he is still the favorite among what appears to be a more hotly-contested kind of election than the USA’s dated two-party system.

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