There is a difference between ‘Supernatural’ fact and fiction

Supernatural is fiction; fanfiction is self-described as fiction; so why are some confusing their fantasies with reality?

The amount of hate and vitriol that is slung at the wives of our two main cast – Genevieve Cortese Padalecki and Danneel Ackles – is not only upsetting but uncalled for and frankly, unacceptable.

If you respect Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, which I believe as fans of the Show we all do, you need to respect their relationships and their chosen mates. If you want to fantasize about whatever you want to fantasize about, have at it – but Jared and Jensen chose their wives; they chose to have children with them, and you need to respect that choice.

I’m not going to provide examples of the horribleness that exists out there against these two fine ladies, because I don’t want to promote such hate or give any more eyes to those that spout it; be assured though, it exists.

It’s time that we as a fandom looked at ourselves, once again, and decided whether or not we are engaging in behaviour that could rightly be called bullying, and in some cases, honestly, could be called harassment.

I don’t care who you ship together, character or actor – but be a human being and give Danneel and Gen the respect as fellow human beings that they deserve.

I recently wrote an article on the definition of bullying. I feel like one part bears repeating – just because someone is famous, it doesn’t mean you have the right to tear them down. It doesn’t give you the right to name call, to attack their personality or attack their relationships. Absolutely NOTHING gives you the right to hurt someone else.

Gen and Danneel are people in their own right; wonderful people, actually. We all know that Gen was on Supernatural (Ruby), but she was also in Wildfire, from 2005 to 2008. In addition, Gen has been a stalwart supporter for Stronger than Storms, the recent charity raising money for the 2017 hurricanes. Danneel was of course in 10 Inch Hero, during which she and Jensen fell in love, but also in One Tree Hill. Again, Danneel and Jensen, in collaboration with The Family Business, have supported Stronger than Storms as well.

danneel ackles jensen supernatural wife

My point: These are real-life human beings you are slinging mud at. I had the utter delight of meeting Danneel at the convention in New Orleans, recently – and she is a delight! Bright, bubbly and smiley, and very, very kind.

Danneel and Gen are human. They have feelings – they can be hurt. As I’ve said before, there is entirely too much hate in this fandom lately. It needs to stop.

Of course, there is more to this issue than meets the eye. There are fans that hate on Jared, because they want Destiel to be true; there are fans that hate on Misha, because they feel his character shouldn’t be in the show. There are even people who sling hate at Jensen, because they think he’s homophobic.

For people who purport to be “fans” of the Show, we sure as heck don’t seem to show it very well. We take to Twitter, to Tumblr, and derive great pleasure over raking the cast over the coals. We take every single misstep that Jared, Jensen, and Misha make, and blow it out of proportion; we read into every single Tweet, every single sound bite, and discuss them at length until we finally end up with a conclusion that is so far beyond the original intention that it’s unrecognizable. Sometimes a horse is just a horse, people, not a zebra.

supernatural winchester brothers are fictional characters people

Look at the facts. Supernatural is the little show that could … we are currently in our 13th season, we’ve survived the dreaded wastelands of Friday nights, multiple apocalypses, changes in showrunners, and numerous other things. Why? Because of us, the fans. We watch. We enjoy. We discuss. But this hate – towards everyone in particular – is sickening to watch. I stand true in my dedication to the Show, pretty much nothing can turn me off from it, but I do know of people that don’t want to watch anymore just because of the petty arguments and hate that surround the fandom.

We’re a family. Act like one. Yes, we bicker, we argue, but the environment the #SPNfamily is in right now? It’s a mighty dysfunctional family, and I think we need to step back and re-evaluate our priorities. And No. 1 should always be to enjoy this show that so many dedicate time, blood, sweat, and tears to. As with all dysfunctional families, we can come back together and unite to help spread the positive messages that Supernatural fills us with.

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