CSI: Cyber Killer en Route Ep 104 Recap

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On this week’s CSI: Cyber a business man got into a car provided by a car service called Zotgo and became suspicious when he received a message on his cell phone stating that his car service had been cancelled because he didn’t show up to get a ride. The man asked the driver to turn around because he had a change of plans. When that didn’t work he told the driver to just pull over so he could get out of the car. The car then stopped in a dark alley and the driver turned around and tasered the man.

Viewers then found out the man was Cade Matthews, a government employee with secret clearance and that the driver had succeeded in killing him. Cade had worked as a consultant for the government and specialized in cyber security. His electronic devices at work, at home and on his person had been disabled by a hacker, leaving the FBI with very little to go on to start solving the case. They began by looking at his social media profiles.

It was then revealed that Cade had helped the Boston Police Department determine who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing so the department was adamant about the FBI cracking the case as quickly as possible. Agent Ryan questioned a Cade’s boss. She told Agent Ryan that he had worked as a consultant to NASA and she didn’t know all the details of that work. She then admitted that she and Cade had been dating but he had broken up with her the night he died. Agent Ryan then asked the woman if she killed him. She told Agent Ryan she had not killed him and that she still loved him, before excusing herself.

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The coronary report showed that there were signs of struggle on his body and that he had been strangled to death. Agent Mundo researched Cade and it was determined that Cade himself was the person who had wiped out all the data on all of his electronic devices. He then found out that Cade had used an app to ensure that no information about him could be accessed and then dialed 911 on his cell phone.

Agent Mundo then instructed his team to obtain the recording of Cade’s 911 call. When they listened to it they found out that Cade had pretended to be ordering a pizza. They also found out that the 911 operator was not able to pinpoint Cade’s location before the call was terminated. Mundo then went to the ZoGo offices to talk to them about what happened. He was told that the company’s drivers are independent workers as opposed to employees of the company and therefore he couldn’t give Agent Mundo the names of the five drivers Cade had allegedly received service from. Mundo was told that ZoGo was not responsible for their drivers.

Through their detective work the team determined that there had been a victim that met their fate the same way Cade did, but before he was killed. Finding out where the nearest dead body had been found Agents Mundo and Ryan went there to investigate. They confirmed that the body was that of the first victim randomly targeted for using ZoGo.

Agent Mundo went to a cab company to talk to one of the drivers and ended up chasing a man behaving suspiciously. The man was caught and arrested because he had sent out a phishing email that began this whole case. Agent Ryan then questioned him and determined he was not responsible for the murders.

Further investigation by the agents determined that six months prior a ZoGo driver had hit and killed a little boy and fled the scene. The case against ZoGo was dismissed because the driver fled from the country. Agent Mundo then surmised that the father of this young boy snapped and sent out to kill ZoGo drivers. Agent Ryan then tracked down the location of the suspect’s car and sent Agent Mundo there.

Daniel appeared in court to talk about the death of his parents, who were shot and killed in a convenience store when he was 10 years old. He told the judge that he had to tell his grandmother, whose only son was Daniel’s father, that he had been killed. His parents’ killer was on trial and Daniel confessed now, 18 years after they were murdered, he thought he would be mature enough to forgive their murderer but he was wrong.

patricia arquette csi cyber recap images killer en route 2015

The team determined that Richard Davis, the man responsible for the deaths of Cade and a young woman, was a customer of ZoGo. Both murderers took place when a passenger was scheduled to get the car service at 5:17 am so at that time Agents Mundo and Ryan, as well as Nelson, tracked Davis’s location and went to that location to prevent him from causing the death of another innocent person. Nelson tracked Davis’s movements behind the wheel of his car while Agents Ryan and Mundo rushed to catch up.

Richard Davis was in a ZoGo car and pulled a gun on the driver and told the man to throw his cell phone out the window because he couldn’t have him calling anyone. The driver did so, causing Nelson, who had been tracking the man’s location using the GPS on the phone, to lose his ability to do so. They got the tracking information back and Nelson told the agents where Davis was going. In order to catch Davis, Raven had to manipulate the traffic lights they encountered in their pursuit. She then changed all the traffic lights along the route so that they were all simultaneously green. Daniel said this would cause more chaos than switching all the traffic lights to red. As a result, the car Richard Davis was riding in became stuck in traffic. The agents then caught up with Davis who admitted he wanted ZoGo drivers to pay for his son’s death.