Celebrity Gossip Weekly: Beyonce, Taylor Swift & Kanye West On Hold

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This week’s celebrity gossip includes some sad news out of Hollywood as legendary singer Ben E. King passed away at the age of 76. Aside from his singing career he was best known for starting the foundation he called Stand By Me, after one of his biggest hits. The purpose of the Stand By Me Foundation is to give people suffering from addictions, poverty and lack of education a better quality of life.

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In other news, Beyonce has made a public statement concerning the protesting in Baltimore over the death of Freddy Gray. Using her Instagram, Beyonce posted asking her fans to support the NAACP in efforts to assist Baltimore residents who have been displaced from their homes and belongings due to the riot.

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After recently spraining her ankle at a Las Vegas performance last week, Britney Spears has cancelled two of her upcoming Las Vegas shows. Britney used her Twitter account to tell her fans she was heartbroken at having to cancel them.

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Though Taylor Swift has been making noise for months now about wanting to collaborate on a recording with Kanye West, due to their varying schedules they have not yet been able to make it happen. Swift said the two have talked about it and that she respects Kanye West’s visions as a music producer.

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In other Taylor Swift news the singer recently visited a nearby farm. She took photos and videos of herself interacting with the farm’s sheep and stated on her Instagram account that sheep are rude and impossible to deal with, though she meant it in a joking way.

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Proving that even celebrities sometimes turn to dating sites to meet someone special, newly single Hilary Duff responded to a man who contacted her using Tinder. She said on their date they went bowling and didn’t talk much, because he had a friend with him and she had some friends with her. Which begs the question, how in the world does that count as a date? If you’re not ready to date, just admit it don’t half -ass a date because you think you should.

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Apparently bowling is something Hilary Duff regularly enjoys, because recently she got together with former co-stars from Lizzie McGuire at a local Los Angele bowling alley.

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In some possibly slightly creepy celebrity gossip Demi Lovato recently told the world that at an appointment with her gynecologist the doctor asked for her autograph to give to his daughter.

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Modern Family actress Ariel Winter recently attended her high school prom. She posed for pictures with her dad in her prom dress, which she then posted on Instagram. Ariel attended her prom with her boyfriend.

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David Letterman recently admitted that his first choice for his replacement as host of “The Daily Show” was not Stephen Colbert, who is taking over when Letterman leaves. Letterman said he thought a good choice would be Jon Stewart but he also felt like maybe the hosting duties should go to a woman. According to Letterman, CBS did not ask for his input in choosing his successor.

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Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco Sweeting recently dyed her hair pink now that the show has wrapped filming for the season. She said she had wanted pink hair for a while and she was happy she was finally getting it. Kaley posted photos of her new hair color on her Instagram account to share with friends and fans.

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Singer Sam Smith recently had to cancel a planned upcoming tour of Australia. The reason for the cancellation is that his vocal cords have been damaged and he needs time for them to heal. His vocal cords began to hemorrhage, sidelining him for a while. Smith announced on his Instagram that his Australian concert dates would be rescheduled.

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Through Bruce Jenner’s gender transition he has battled the media. His latest battle involves a perceived invasion of privacy after photos of Jenner at home wearing a dress were posted on the Internet without his knowledge. CNN and the Daily News both got ahold of copies of the pictures but declined to use them after finding out the pictures of Jenner were taken illegally.

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Full House fans were thrilled to find out that Netflix is bringing a new version of the show back. Recently John Stamos called Mary Kate and Ashley Olson out on posting on their Twitter accounts that they were not asked to be in the Full House reboot, which according to Stamos is untrue.

john stamos calls out olsen twins full house 2015

Though he probably made the dreams of many starry eyed teenage girls come true, Justin Bieber upset a high school’s administration by showing up at their prom uninvited. Bieber is working on a new album and apparently the studio he is recording it in is near the high school whose prom he crashed. According to a representative for the school Bieber’s entourage entered the halls of the school against the will of school administration. They argued that Bieber showing up at their prom made it unsafe but Bieber’s people said some of the students at the school had invited him to their prom and that he wasn’t there to cause trouble.

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It recently came out that a fan of Ariana Grande went to one of the singer’s concerts in Connecticut in March after having sent Grande several gifts. Police were called to the fan’s home as a result. The fan was told by the police to stay away from Grande, but he showed up at the concert anyway, at which time he was arrested. The fan is now out of jail on a $5,000 bond.

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Dave Chappelle recently performed a sold out stand -up comedy show in Detroit, Michigan and was reportedly not coherent during his performance. Those in the audience accused him of being wasted and many asked to have the money they spent on their tickets refunded. This show was the second show in a multi-night deal Chappelle struck with the venue where the show took place.

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