Celebrity Gossip Week: Bending for Beckham, Miley Bound Up & Bieber Has Hart

Celebrity Gossip Week Bending for Beckham Miley Bound Up Bieber Has Hart

Celebrity Gossip Week Bending for Beckham Miley Bound Up Bieber Has Hart

This week’s celebrity gossip includes more breaking news regarding the Bobbi Kristina Brown amid criticism of her family for allegedly announcing that they will take Bobbi Kristina off of life support yesterday because it is the anniversary of mom Whitney Houston’s death after she was also found floating face down in her bathtub. Though TMZ’s reports of this latest twist has to be taken with a grain of salt because, after all, it is TMZ, the New York Post has also reported this saga, giving the details of the story much more credibility. Rumors are that Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend is responsible for the sudden life threatening decline in her health, and he is currently being investigated. The family has announced plans to hold a candlelight vigil in Bobbi Kristina’s honor tonight at a theatre in the Georgia town where the young woman lives. Though her doctors reportedly have no hope, her father, Bobby Brown, is still determined that Bobbi Kristina will make a full recovery.

Bobbi Kristina Browns Family Not Giving Up Hope For Miracle

In other celebrity gossip, Scarlett Johansson confessed in a recent interview that she was shocked to find that when she gave birth to her daughter the baby looked nothing like she pictured her.

scarlett johansson baby shocker 2015

The story of Miley Cyrus just keeps getting sadder as she sinks to increasingly new lows every day. Her latest stunt to get the media’s attention has been to submit a pornographic movie that she filmed to the New York City Porn Film Festival. It is reportedly a three minute movie where Cyrus is shown wearing a bondage outfit with her breasts being covered by black tape. Cyrus’s earlier statement in an interview with Barbara Walters that she doesn’t always want to be naked in front of the camera these days is kind of hard to believe when we hear stories like this.

miley cyrus bondage movie 2015

Melissa Rivers has announced that a book she wrote about her mother, the late Joan Rivers is coming out in spring of 2015. The book is said to include stories detailing the more memorable moments of Joan’s adventures in raising Melissa. Ina recent interview with People magazine Melissa stated that her family believed in the healing power of laughter and expressed her hope that the book will make its readers laugh.

melissa rivers book tribute to joan 2015

Proving that not all celebrities just squander their lives David Beckham has received international recognition for serving as a UNICEF good will ambassador since 2005. Recently, he announced that he is launching UNICEF fund to raise money for needy children throughout the world. In a statement to the press Beckham said that since has been retired from professional sports he is proud that his children have seen the work he does for UNICEF.

david beckham unicef good will ambassador for children 2015 images

In news that no one ever thought they would hear, Comedy Central is doing a roast in honor of Justin Bieber of all people. It has just been announced that Kevin Hart is set to host the event. Hart stated that though he has never hosted a roast before he wants to do so in honor of Bieber’s upcoming 21st birthday.

kevin hart hosting justin bieber comedy central roast 2015

For all the notoriety associated with Justin Bieber every now and then he does something that makes him actually seem human. At a recent taping of The Doctors, Bieber showed up to visit a young 16 year old female who, after experiencing a fire in her home, had half of her body covered in third degree burns. Bieber told the young woman that the brave face she puts on makes a difference in the lives of people who have heard and been touched by her story. She is reportedly a fan of the singer and was star struck at the thought of meeting him.

justin bieber shows up for doctors burn victim 2015 images

Sometimes spats between celebrities actually end on a positive note, which has recently been the case for Taylor Swift and Diplo. The spat between the two reportedly started last fall when he implied that Taylor Swift’s rear end is completely flat. This led to months of what many considered to be an entertaining feud between two pop stars. The two reportedly recently ended their spat and made peace at a swanky party celebrating the Grammy Awards.

taylor swift and diplo end flat butt feud 2015 images

After a stunning feat pulled off by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp when they very recently got married at his California home under the radar and away from the prying eyes of the media, over the weekend they tied the knot again, this time in their rumored wedding location of Depp’s private island in the Bahamas.

amber heard johnny depp wedding in bahamas 2015 images

In what is probably the second biggest celebrity news story of the week, Bruce Jenner released an official statement addressing his involvement in a fatal car accident over the weekend. There was reportedly a domino effect from a Toyota Prius braking suddenly and unexpectedly which caused two other cars to slam on their breaks and resulted in the car Jenner was driving crashing into another car. The driver of that car was killed on the spot. In his official statement Jenner said he felt terrible for the driver’s family and that he will cooperate with the investigation into the accident. Charges have not been filed in this case as of yet.

bruce jenner crash kills woman 2015 images

They say couples that have things in common are more likely to stay together than those who don’t. This is good news for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis as the two recently made headlines for having something quite unique in common. It turns out both actors have kissed actress Natalie Portman. Mila Kunis did it in a scene from Black Swan and Ashton Kutcher did it in a scene from No Strings Attached.

mila kunis has kissed natalie portman with ashton kutcher 2015 images

Ashlee Simpson, little sister of Jessica Simpson, just announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby girl. This will be her second child, but her first child with her current husband, as her son’s father is her ex Peter Wentz.

ashlee simpson pregnant for peter wentz 2015 images

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip. Check back next week for all the latest drama, intrigue and controversy surrounding celebrity news and gossip.