Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kylie Jenner Pierces Dwayne’s Johnson

dwayne rock johnson hugs Hodgkin’s Lymphoma fan 2015 gossip

celebrity gossip kylie pierces dwayne's johnson

In this week’s celebrity gossip lineup, Kylie Jenner keeps the Kardashian family gossip mill humming along, Kristen Stewart b*tches out the media, BB King finds himself dealing with medical issues and much more.

kylie jenner nip piercing point out 2015 gossip

Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s Kylie Jenner recently had her nipples pierced. At 17, Kylie is underage, yet is still doing things like posting a selfie on snapchat with her breasts surrounded by a drawn on red circle. As if that isn’t creepy enough, Kylie and her older sister Kendall seem to have an unsettling affection for each other, as Kylie recently put a video online where she kissed Kendall directly on the lips and plunger hand into Kendall’s shorts.

kylie jenner beautiful blackface shoot 2015 gossip

Further proving that thinking is not a strong suit of the Kardashians, Kylie has also made the gossip headlines for her recent photo shoot in which she posed with a blacklight shining on her, making her skin look as if she is African American. Kylie promptly blamed this on the photographer.

kristen stewart blasts media hollywood reporter 2015 gossip

The Hollywood Reporter recently got a mouthful from Kristen Stewart during an interview with the actress. She criticized the news industry for pursuing celebrities in the interest of making more money and gaining more notoriety for themselves.

bb king hospitalized 2015 gossip

Legendary musician BB King was recently rushed to the hospital, reportedly due to dangerous dehydration. King has been having health problems since October 2014 when he became ill and backed out of eight upcoming performances as a result.

dmx robs fans 2015 gossip

DMX has fallen from grace, something that is evident after his recent altercation with an entourage member. On Easter Sunday the rapper was reportedly at a gas station with the man demanded money from DMX and pointed his gun towards him. DMX gave him $3,200 in cash and then the man fled.

nick cannon with maria carey for easter 2015 gossipEstranged couple Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey reportedly spent the Easter holiday together with their children. The family was seen at the Bronx Zoo, where the children were participating in an Easter egg hunt. Nick and Mariah even took pictures of their children during the hunt and posted them to social media.

chris wallace calls kelly clarkson fat on fox 2015 gossip

There was recently tension between Kelly Clarkson and Chris Wallace, a Fox News show host. During a live broadcast he stated that Clarkson “blew up” and should “lay off the deep dish pizza for awhile.” Two days later he issued a public apology to the singer. This entire story proves how ignorant Fox News is since Kelly Clarkson gained weight because she gave birth, rather than because she was chowing down on deep dish pizzas. Time for Wallace to chow down on his own foot since he put it in his mouth anyway.

Proving that Wallace isn’t the only one that thinks it is appropriate to make comments about the weight of others, on a recent appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Clarkson talked about how being told you are overweight hurts when it comes from someone you actually like. She said she has had fans approach her at meet and greets that weigh more than she does and tell Clarkson that if others think she is fat, they must think the fan is even fatter.

dwayne rock johnson hugs Hodgkin’s Lymphoma fan 2015 gossip

Former WWE wrestler and current movie star Dwayne “The Rock’ Johnson encountered an overzealous fan on Easter day as he drove down the road and noticed that there were fans chasing his truck. He pulled over and got out of his truck only to find that one of the young men who had been chasing it was a fan of his who is currently battling cancer. The fan told The Rock through tears that though he was fighting Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, The Rock was serving as his inspiration to keep fighting rather than give up. The Rock hugged the fan and wished him well before getting back into his truck and continuing on his way.

jennifer lopez back with casper smart 2015 gossip

Recently rumors have been swirling that Jennifer Lopez has gotten back together with her ex, Casper Smart. Lopez is now speaking out saying that the rumors are untrue and that she is currently single. The rumors reportedly started because the two have been spotted together in public lately, but a friend of Lopez’s has said that the two are now just friends.

Sonni Pacheo and Jermey Renner gay split 2015 gossip

Sonni Pacheo and Jermey Renner have quietly divorced after only 10 months of marriage, a.k.a a lifetime by Hollywood standards. The couple is reportedly sharing legal custody of their two- year -old daughter and Pacheo will receive monthly child support payments of $13,000. Since the couple had a prenuptial agreement that the judge held up, Pacheo is not entitled to spousal support from Renner.

fka twigs engaged to robert pattinson marriage 2015 gossip

In other relationship news, rumors are swirling that FKA Twigs (what the hell kind of name is that anyway?) and Robert Pattinson are engaged. T-Pain (does anyone in Hollywood have a normal name?) recently stated that though he and FKA Twigs were supposed to collaborate on an album together that she now wouldn’t be able to do that because she is engaged (huh? Is there some Hollywood law that says engaged women can’t work?) to Pattinson. He then stated that he didn’t know if FKA Twigs wanted anyone to know that.

zoe kravitz complex cover for anorexia 2015 gossip

Zoe Kravitz, daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, recently appeared on the cover of Complex Magazine and did an interview with the magazine stating that as a teenager she struggled against a battle with anorexia. She said that she thought it was hard for her to love herself since she grew up in the shadow of her celebrity parents. She also said that her mother, Lisa Bonet, is beautiful and that her mother’s beauty intimidates Zoe. At her lowest point in her battle with anorexia, two years ago, Zoe weighed only 90 pounds.

ryan reynolds protecting daughter from movie biz 2015 gossip

Ryan Reynolds recently stated in an interview that he doesn’t want his young daughter to end up in show business. He stated that he and Blake Lively, his wife, have become neurotic over the thought of their daughter being famous.

That’s it for this week’s exciting celebrity gossip mill.