Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bieber Bashing & Taylor Swift Madonna Duet Coming Up

Celebrity Gossip Roundup Bieber Bashing & Taylor Swift Madonna Duet Coming Up

Celebrity Gossip Roundup Bieber Bashing & Taylor Swift Madonna Duet Coming Up

This week in celebrity gossip includes births, break ups, drama and more. First up, Shakira and Gerard Pique, the singer’s longtime boyfriend, brought their second son into the world. The new baby reportedly looks like his father, while his big brother is said to resemble his mother.

shakira and gerard pique welcom baby boy 2015

In more baby news, How I Met Your Mother actress Cobie Smulders and husband Taran Killam have also welcomed their second child into the world earlier in January.

cobe smulders taran killam baby 2015

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is apparently making the most of her prison sentence by getting in shape and making lists of what she wants to do when she is released from prison, which includes the desire to have her own cooking show and to appear on a magazine cover. She has reportedly been having friends send her workout videos to keep her motivated to stay in shape during her incarceration.

teresa giudice getting buffed and ripped in prison 2015 images

Suge Knight is reportedly in hot water after an incident where he ran over and killed a man. He also ran over two other people who, so far at least, have survived their injuries. This incident was reportedly brought on when during a promotional shoot he got into an argument. His lawyer claims that the reason Suge did what he did was because he was trying to escape assault from two other men on the set of his promotional shoot and that he accidently ran over the three men in the parking lot in an attempt to get away from those who were assaulting him.

suge knight arrest in hit and run murder 2015 images

The gossip surrounding Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is that the engaged couple is planning a private wedding in the Bahamas, to be held next weekend. The wedding is reportedly taking place at an island owned by Johnny Depp himself. The couple is expected to have 50 guests and those guests will stay aboard Depp’s own private yacht.

amber heard johnny depp private bahamas wedding 2015 images

Lindsay Lohan is being investigated by the court that sentenced her to do community service for her crimes. The court is questioning whether or not Lohan completed the 80 collective hours of community service she was sentenced to perform. An attorney representing the city where her case was tried feels that what she did didn’t count as community service because all she did was shake people’s hands.

lindsay lohan community service lies 2015 images

In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show Justin Bieber appeared to wish the host a happy birthday and to talk about his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. The singer admitted that due to all the mistakes he has made he understands why there are so many people out there that want to make fun of him, which is the basis for every Roast of Comedy Central. He even said he is willing to own up to all the screwed up mistakes he’s made in the past. Which is a miracle, considering he is a celebrity and they usually seem to think life game them a free pass to be a jerk.

justin bieber bulge ready for comedy central roasting 2015 images

Since it’s hard to have a week of celebrity gossip in which the Kardashians don’t come up, this week’s tidbit is that Khloe took to Twitter to squash rumors that Kendall is having an affair with her sister Kourtney’s husband, Scott Disick. Scott responded by tweeting to Khloe that she’s his number one girl.

khloe kardashian kills rumor of kendall affair with bulge scott disick 2015 images

In other Kardashian news, Kim is reportedly lending her support to stepfather Bruce Jenner after his battle to divorce his mother. She recently addressed the ongoing rumors that Jenner is undergoing a sex change operation. Kim referred to Bruce as her dad and said that the family is being 100% supportive of the decisions he is making. This should make the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians an interesting train wreck, which is exactly what the family is anyway.

Though she’s a pretty big star in her own right, Taylor Swift recently became star struck when Madonna appeared on an Australian talk show and praised her during an interview. Madonna stated that she thinks Taylor’s songs are very catchy and she “can’t get them out of her head.” Afterwards Taylor sent out a Tweet expressing that following Madonna’s statement about her she wants to keep cool but she can’t. Just remember when Madge said similar things about Britney Spears back in the day as a way of working in a duet to remain hip. Don’t be shocked when we hear that Swift and Madonna do a little thing together called Broken Hips and Long Lost Splits.

madonna gives taylor swift compliment wants to do duet with 2015 images

Never one to hold back, newlywed Cameron Diaz was recently spotted at an L.A.Lakers game blatantly making out with new husband Benji Madden after the two had the Kiss Cam pointed in their direction.

cameron diaz working bulge for benji madden la lakers game 2015 images

Bad boy Chris Brown’s upcoming tour has been postponed while he performs court appointed community service. He reportedly has 100 hours left to perform and said he is hustling to get it all done so he can get started on his tour. All concerts included in the tour are simply being postponed for a few weeks.

chris brown cancels between the sheets tour for probation break 2015 images

Chris Martin, who is reportedly normally a fairly laid back person, recently got into a scuffle with paparazzi and hit them with his car. He was reportedly dining at a Santa Monica restaurant with Gwyneth Paltrow and their kids the same day of this incident. However, there is apparently no proof that he hit any paparazzi and alleged photos of the incident were reportedly taken across the street from where it occurred, leading to speculation that this story is not true.

chris martin hits photographer with jeep 2015 images

A live action performance of Beauty and the Beast will include Harry Potter star Emma Watson playing Belle. The actress went on Facebook and expressed how happy and excited she is to be involved in the performance because she has loved Belle since she was a young child.

This season marks the final curtain call for Two and a Half Men and even after being unceremoniously dumped from the show and having his character killed off, Charlie Sheen is reportedly talking to the show’s producers about appearing in the series finale to air this spring. There is reportedly no more tension between Sheen and producer Chuck Lorre, which is what got him fired from the show.

That’s it for this week’s juicy celebrity gossip.