Celebrity Gossip Review: Amber Heard Nicki Minaj Is Happy & Mariah Carey’s A Mess

Celebrity Gossip Review Amber Heard Nicki Minaj Is Happy Mariah Careys A Mess

Celebrity Gossip Review Amber Heard Nicki Minaj Is Happy Mariah Careys A Mess

This week’s celebrity gossip begins with a much hyped reunion of the 90s teen high school dramedy Saved By the Bell. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon recently filmed and aired a show that brought together most of the original Saved By the Bell cast. However, Lark Voorhies, who played the fashion obsessed shopaholic Lisa Turtle was noticeably absent from the Jimmy Fallon taping. Her spokesperson released a statement that the only reason Voorhies was not in attendance is because she has such a heavy work schedule.

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In what is probably some of the saddest celebrity gossip I have ever had to report on, Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only good thing that came out of Whitney Houston’s relationship with Bobby Brown is fighting for her life…and according to the gossip mill her doctors feel there is nothing they can do to save her. The eerie part is that though we don’t know the cause of it, Bobbi Kristina was found face down in her bathtub, exactly like Whitney Houston was found just before she passed away. While Bobbi Kristina is still alive doctors, are telling her family to prepare for the worst, though as of this writing, Bobby Brown is still hopeful that his daughter’s health will turn around. It doesn’t look good for Bobbi Kristina though, and in many ways this could be like losing Whitney Houston all over again. I can’t help but think that maybe whatever happened Bobbi Kristina brought it on herself because she couldn’t bear to be away from her mother anymore. Every day, there’s a new drama that hits from all this so keep watching our updates here.

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In some lighter gossip news we’ll move onto a staple of the weekly celebrity gossip mill…the ever entertaining yet horrifying Kardashian family. This week’s gossip is all about Bruce Jenner’s gender reassignment surgery and the fact that his mother fully supports it. She has publicly stated that she is proud of him and that doing what he is doing takes a lot of courage.

bruce jenner transitions to womanhood with kris jenner 2015

Congratulations are in order for Amber Heard and Johnny Depp as last week’s gossip about their impending wedding was true and the couple is now happily married. However, the wedding actually took place at Johnny Depp’s home in West Hollywood, which makes me think the talk of getting married on his island was meant to throw off the media…which it sounds like it did. So, congratulations to Johnny Depp for not only pulling off his wedding but pulling it off without all the hoopla that usually surrounds a celebrity’s wedding.

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Not so happy relationship news comes from Pussycat Doll singer Nicole Scherzinger as she has once again broken up with her boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton. The breakup reportedly came because she was tired of waiting for him to make a commitment to her, which he was showing no desire to do. The age difference between the couple may be one reason that even though she was hoping for a marriage proposal he wasn’t interested in offering one.

nicole scherzinger splits from lewis hamilton 2015

After divorcing his wife, Yankees star Alex Rodriguez had been dating former WWE diva Torrie Wilson for the last three years. That relationship has reportedly ended as well, supposedly because Alex Rodriguez wasn’t willing to commit. It’s starting to sound like finding a male celebrity that will commit to a serious relationship is sort of like looking for a needle in a haystack.

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Happier relationship news comes from Modern Family star Sarah Hyland as she has reportedly begun dating Dominic Sherwood. This relationship comes on the heels of her messy break up with ex – boyfriend Matt Prokop. The couple was recently spotted in a Los Angeles nightclub and a place called Blind Dragon. The actress recently told Meredith Vieira that she has grown as a person since her break up with Prokop.

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It seems that there is a mixed bag of luck for celebrities when it comes to marriage. Former Full House actress Jodie Sweetin is yet again going through a divorce, this time from husband Morty Coyle, whom she married in 2012. The actress is reportedly seeking full custody of the couple’s daughter, though there is no indication as to why. According to Coyle there are no hard feelings about the divorce and he and Sweetin will reportedly still raise the child together, making it even more confusing that she is fighting for full custody. Most likely there is more to this story than meets the eye and we will never know the truth about the circumstances that led to the divorce, though Sweetin does have a bad track record with marriages.

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This week’s celebrity gossip is mainly centered on relationships as Nicki Minaj has just made it known through her Instagram account that she is in a new relationship. Since fall Minaj has been battling rumors that she was seeing someone, and it is now out in the open. It is pretty likely that the reason she kept the relationship quiet until now is because of her breakup with longtime partner Safaree Samuels. At a Super Bowl concert last weekend Minaj reportedly spoke about her displeasure over her ex, so it is not surprising that she has moved on to a seemingly healthier and happier relationship.

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2015 has not started off particularly well for Mariah Carey as, on the heels of a disastrous performance at the 2014 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, she recently performed in Jamaica and reportedly, once again, gave a flawed performance. During Jamaica’s Jazz & Blues Festival she was exposed lip synching as she missed more than one cue during the song she was performing. There were reportedly complaints from disappointed fans who could tell she wasn’t really singing. One can only speculate that all these snafus are a result of the divorce she is going through with Nick Cannon.

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The last piece of celebrity gossip for this week is that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are expecting their first child together. For months they had been denying rumors that she was pregnant, but now we know.