2015 Hottest Tech Toys: New Nintendo 3DS XL Review

2015 hottest tech toys new nintendo 3ds xl images

2015 hottest tech toys new nintendo 3ds xl images2015 brought the launch of the new Nintendo 3DS XL, one of Nintendo’s most eagerly anticipated releases to date. The 3DS XL doesn’t disappoint, with an improved processor proving more power and faster speeds than the standard 3DS. With face tracking 3D software, the 3DS XL customises the 3D display for the best resolution for users, and thankfully it still plays all of your 3DS games! With a parental control function so that the 3D feature can be restricted (advisable for those under 6 years old), the 3DS XL truly is the new face of portable gaming.

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Features of the New Nintendo 3DS XL

  • 8.5 x 1.8 x 5.2 inches
  • Face tracking 3D software
  • C stick for better controls
  • Faster processor than standard 3DS
  • Plays Nintendo DS and 3DS games

new nintendo 3ds xl review images 2015Is the New Nintendo 3DS XL Worth Buying?

The one issue that Nintendo really had to address with the New 3DS XL was that of the 3D imagery. There was nothing more annoying when playing with the 3DS than when you moved your head ever so slightly out of alignment and lost your beautiful 3D image. Thankfully, the addition of face tracking software on the front camera works extremely well, adjusting the 3D image to match your viewing angle. It’s not fool proof, but it is a huge step forward for Nintendo.

The C stick, which is more of a nub than a stick, is a welcome addition. It allows for greater control in many games and was something that previous iterations had lacked. Although it is small, it is a fully functional 360-degree analogue controller. This is just one of a few design changes, including moving the cartridge slot to the bottom of the device alongside the stylus. Other design changes might not be as easily noticed, but they are there. Most striking is the improved processor power, allowing for smoother gameplay and quicker load times.

The most striking omission in the New 3DS XL is the lack of a charger. It is a ridiculous decision, and while it is nice that the New 3DS XL works with old chargers, it should be an absolute minimum that one is included with the device, even if only a basic USB charger. Nonetheless, this is really the only blip on an otherwise very impressive report card. You can believe the hype – the New Nintendo 3DS XL really is worth the upgrade. Check here for the best prices as the Nintendo 3DS XL will keep having sales throughout the holiday season.

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