Nintendo has been a household name since the 80’s, when the first Nintendo gaming system was released. Since then, they have been producing highly popular consoles, competing with the likes of PlayStation, Sega, and Xbox. While they have struggled during the Wii U generation, the Nintendo Switch was named the best selling console in 2018, and for many good reasons.

Previous Records

In 2015, PlayStation released the PS4, which took the record for the best selling gaming console of all time. But in November of 2018, it was knocked off its pedestal when the Nintendo Switch took the lead during the holiday season.

Overall, 2018 was a record year for all gaming consoles. Sales were up 8 percent, universally, exceeding the $5 billion mark. Ultimately, console hardware sales reached its highest annual totals in the last ten years.

nintendo switch close up being played

Best Selling Nintendo Gaming Systems

Prior to the success of the Nintendo Switch, the Wii gaming system held the record for top sales in 2009, Nintendo struggled to produce a system that would compete with emerging leaders, such as Xbox.

super mario brothers hands up for nintendo switch

Best Selling Games

Nintendo has always had some of the best properties, like Super Mario Brothers and Zelda. So they have an edge  with franchises that people love. The latest version of Zelda: Breath of Wild sold nearly 10.3 million units, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold over 15.2  million units, and Super Mario Odyssey sold over 12 million units.

Why the Nintendo Switch Ranks Supreme

In 2017 Nintendo rolled the dice and decided to double production of the Switch. They were smart because by October 2018, Nintendo announced that the Switch sold over 22 million units. The Switch is unique because it is the most portable gaming system. While some might think that the switch is like the Nintendo Gameboy, it differs in the way that it has the ability to be multi-player, with two gaming controllers attached to the console.  

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Additionally, the gaming controllers are wireless and have a long battery life. They have vibration, or rumble, features, as well.

The gaming console also has a docking station for charging, but it can go up to 20 hours between charges, which is unheard of in the gaming world. Basically the specs are great.

As for games, the switch uses game cards, rather than discs. This is a nice feature adding to the portability of the system. While the memory, or storage capacity, is not a great as other systems, the areas where it shines completely makes up for that gap. Why is storage a concern? Nintendo has released an online portfolio of games that can be downloaded, hence the storage needs. With 32GBs of memory, you just need to watch what you download so that storage does not become full or purchase a microSD card to expand your switches overall storage capacity.

The Nintendo Switch was not necessary designed to compete with the PS4 or Xbox. True gamers will own two if not all three of these. The fact that this system is mobile and powerful is the biggest draw. This makes buying the Switch a no-brainer.  Now excuse me while I get my headset on and get back into the action.


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