What Is More Important to the Player in the Online Casino – Games or Service?

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Which do you think is more important for a satisfying online gambling experience games or service? Almost all players will answer this question as “games,” but the quality of service is at least as important as the games, and in some cases, even more. Well, what’s the reason for this? How do games in online casinos work, and what exactly goes into the service description? Below, you can find answers to these questions and more.

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How Do Online Casinos Work?

It is impossible to understand why the quality of service is important without explaining how online casinos work. So let’s start with the basics: How do online casinos work? When you visit a casino site, the amount of content can surprise you. Today, thousands of free slots can be found even on simple entry-level sites. These sites are also able to offer dozens of live casino games too. So how does this happen? Don’t all these games and other services require huge server expenses?

Actually, no. Huge servers are not needed anymore. There was a time when online casinos hosted games, but that is in the past. In the past, casino sites offered at most a few dozen games on their website, and they wanted you to download a program to get the rest. This was due to bandwidth and server capacity limitations, and almost no casino was able to offer all of its games online. Cloud storage solutions had not yet been developed, and what you could do online was limited. For this reason, those who wanted to play a large number of games would have to choose the sites of big brands without budget restrictions. However, even these brands had a certain limit to what they could offer.

Today, this is not the case. Websites, including casinos, do not host their content on their own servers. In fact, online casinos do not even have complete control over the games. Casino games are now hosted on their developer’s platforms, and what players do is simply connect to a remote cloud server network. For the same reason, creating an online casino is now easy. All you have to do is purchase a white label platform. If this sounds complicated, let’s explain it as a list and simplify:

  • Most of the game developers also develop online casino platforms called “white label.” This means you can use any brand on them and create your own online casino website. When you purchase this platform, you become the proud owner of a functioning online casino. Key features such as games, customer service, and payment systems are included in the platform.
  • None of the games on such platforms are hosted on the online casino site. The games are stored on the servers of the developer company and on the cloud. When you press the play button, you actually connect to a remote server and start downloading the game. Since this process takes place within a few seconds, players do not feel any difference.
  • This means that statistical information about the games is actually stored by the platform, not by the casino. The casino management can view this information, but does not collect it itself. This process is handled automatically by the platform.

In short, what most new online casinos do is sell the service purchased or leased from a third party to players. Such a casino site can be set up in a matter of days without a high cost and can offer a library of thousands of games.

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What Is Included in the Service?

At first glance, this seems like the perfect solution. More online casino sites can be opened, and players can have more options. Moreover, since the games are stored on cloud servers, there is almost no downtime, and they can be played on any device without any problem. In other words, there is no problem in terms of games. This system, which we explained above, allows you to get an almost perfect gambling experience.

The problem is that this process also results in “duplicate” online casinos. Sites that use the same platform offer almost exactly the same content – there is practically no difference in number and variety between games. In other words, platform-based online gambling fails in terms of game variety. But the main thing is that there is almost no difference between online casinos. Even the bonuses are alike! This is where the importance of service quality emerges. An online casino that cannot make a difference in terms of games can make this difference with its service quality and become preferred. So what do we mean with the “service” term? What is included in it?

  • Customer service. The technical infrastructure required for customer service is available on the platform, but the casino employs customer representatives and determines how the assistance process will work. Efficient customer service is much more important than you think. Playing games is good, but what will you do if your earnings aren’t transferred to your balance? What if a particular game isn’t working? More importantly, who will help you if you are having problems with deposit and withdrawal transactions? Every player can experience these problems and many more. You’ll understand why customer service is important when a problem arises. Helpful and professional customer service that resolves all problems within 24 hours is the most important thing that falls within the scope of the service description, and it alone is enough to make a difference. If you can reach customer representatives 24/7, get help via social media, and solve your problems within a reasonable time, you are in an online casino that makes a difference in terms of service quality.
  • Payment system. The platform supports all basic payment systems, but which ones will be used is determined by the casino management. The smooth operation of payment systems is of great importance in terms of service quality. A casino where you can complete deposits and withdrawal transactions instantly will create a difference. Moreover, you should be able to choose from many different methods. For example, casinos that support cryptocurrencies, as well as credit cards, will easily attract attention. In other words, for the service quality to be perfect, a large number of payment systems must be supported, and the payment process must be as fast as possible.
  • Practical use. The infrastructure of the casino site is provided by the platform, but the design and page elements still need to be decided by the casino management. In this context, healthy and smooth navigation is also included in the scope of service quality. If pages load slowly because there are lots of visuals and animations, or if you can’t figure out how to get to a particular page, there is a design issue. This issue can be serious enough to affect your online gambling experience. For example, if you have to change a few pages and scroll through various menus to see the terms and conditions of a bonus, it is not possible to say that you have had an ideal experience. Moreover, this is a problem that may apply to different devices. For example, you should be able to get the same performance, features, and ease of use on mobile devices too. In short, the design and usability of the casino site are also included in the scope of the service and at least as important as the other items.
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And That’s Why Service Is as Important as Games

Games are also part of the service but not the only element. If a casino offers a large number of games but fails the service elements we mentioned above, it doesn’t matter what kind of games it offers. If you cannot complete deposit and withdrawal transactions quickly, it will not be possible to play games. There’s no point in even winning the grand prize if you can’t get help when you run into trouble. And if you have to grapple with menus to reach a game, you won’t get an ideal experience. The service description includes but is not limited to games. For the best online gambling experience, all aspects of the casino must be above a certain level of quality. We recommend that you pay attention to this when choosing a new casino. If you choose just by the number of games, you may be disappointed.

Paying attention to service quality will prevent possible problems way before they are reported. Ideally, the casino should step in before the problem occurs. Online casinos with a healthy and professional service can easily do this. For this reason, we recommend that you always look at how the service works and check the payment systems, for example, when choosing. Likewise, you can send a message to the customer service and check how fast they respond. Online casinos that offer a quality service should always be your first choice because only in these types of casinos you can get the ideal online gambling experience. We wish you good luck!

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