Top 25 facts to know about Bill Clinton’s Presidential term

Top 25 facts to know about Bill Clinton’s Presidential term
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top 25 facts to know about bill clinton's presidential term 2016 images

Article by Alex Greer

Even though Hillary Clinton has more than proven herself in political office, the Republican’s continue using her husband, Bill Clinton, as a battering ram to throw off her campaign. She’s used to this, but we thought having a few more facts about the former President might be interesting and ones the Republicans probably won’t mention…or even want mentioned.

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vying for the presidency in 2016, there’s a real chance Bill Clinton could return to the White House.

It’s unclear what Bill Clinton’s new title would be — “ the first gentleman” is a leading contender — and even less certain is how he would approach the role. A charismatic leader, Clinton rarely shies away from media attention. For the time being, it’s likely he will remain in the national spotlight at least through the election.

With that in mind, our friends at Inside Gov decided to look back at some of the key moments of Clinton’s presidency. We’ve gathered 25 numbers that define his tenure in the White House and ordered them from smallest to largest.

1 Child


Bill and Hillary Clinton’s only daughter, Chelsea, has worked with both of her parents at the Clinton Foundation, and currently serves as its vice chair.

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