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Donald Trump keeps Don McGahn hidden away, contempt vote coming

Donald Trump put former White House counsel Don McGahn to the ultimate loyalty test. Now he'll face a contempt vote by Jerrold Nadler.

Donald Trump’s ‘treason’ talk fact check

Donald Trump has been throwing the treason word around when it comes to the Russia investigation. Here's a look at the facts behind that claim.

Donald Trump’s drug prices and trade need some fact checking

Donald Trump has been at rallys declaring that drug prices are dropping while trade couldn't be better in America. Here are the real facts behind the claims.

White House counsel actually working Congress against itself for Trump

Could Donald Trump's White House counsel Pat Cipollone be setting a trap for Congress to delay investigations.

William Barr has become Donald Trump’s ideal American patriot

William Barr is proving to be the ideal person that Donald Trump wants in his life. He's dedicated, loyal and willing to cross any line to get results.

Sen. Richard Burr feels Republican wrath over Donald Trump Jr. subpoena

GOP Senator Richard Burr felt a strong Republican backlash after serving Donald Trump Jr. with a subpoena regarding the Russia investigation.

Microsoft steps up to protect elections in America with ‘ElectionGuard’

While the U.S. government has done virtually nothing to stop Russia's interference in the 2020 election, Microsoft has stepped up with ElectionGuard.

Donald Trump couldn’t resist calling Putin about Mueller Report, Russian Hoax

Donald Trump had a long chat with Vladimir Putin to discuss Robert Muellers's report along with the Russian Hoax.

Donald Trump couldn’t have built a better Attorney General than William Barr

Donald Trump couldn't have ordered up a better U.S. Attorney General model than William Barr. Not for America, of course, just himself. He's not...

William Barr widens chasm with Robert Mueller at Senate hearing

During Wednesday's Senate hearing, Attorney General William Barr widened the distance between he and Robert Mueller over the Russia report.

Donald Trump surrounds himself with immigration fictions

Donald Trump spent his weekend at rallies spreading a lot of fiction about immigration, healthcare, Russia and Robert Mueller. Here's the real facts.

Donald Trump just can’t quit Russia: facts vs fiction

Even with Robert Mueller's Russia report over, President Donald Trump still can't escape Russia long reach.

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