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How Tomi Lahren’s ‘Choice’ turned on her

Sometimes in life, you do things because of the incentives attached. In the age in which we live today, everyone is trying to become the next big thing. Whether you have a catchy phrase that garners attention for no other reason

How will Republicans repeal Obamacare?

With over 20 million Americans having signed up for Obamacare in 2017, questions and concerns are rising about how President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican party will repeal it without having everything come crashing down.

Reality of Obamacare sinking in for Donald Trump and Republicans

When you're on the campaign trail, politicians quickly learn that truth goes ou the window, and in the case of President-elect Donald Trump, there really was no window. He made promise after promise that repealing Obamacare

Republicans only have themselves to blame if things go awry

During the campaign, Donald Trump and the Republican party made it sound like the past eight years had put America into the most dire straits ever. Everything was gloom and doom as the GOP blamed everything on President Barack Obama

Will Donald Trump drive evangelicals from Republican Party?

When Donald Trump first began his campaign, he didn't mention religion or the Bible, but once he realized that this was something his base wanted, he suddenly was the best Bible reader in the world.

Republicans attack Ariana Grande donuts and Rihanna no fan of Pokemon Go

Just when you thought people couldn’t make a bigger deal out of the whole Ariana Grande #DonutGate incident...

Republican Convention: Originality not in Melania Trump’s wheelhouse

Melania Trump's Republican Convention speech on Monday was extremely well received, but it quickly became overshadowed when it came out that it contained two passages that match nearly word-for-word

Caitlyn Jenner in one sided Republican lovefest and Future not hot for Russell Wilson

If you caught the second season of E!’s I Am Cait, you are well aware that Caitlyn Jenner is not straying away from her conservative roots. Despite the Republican Party’s generally unfavorable opinion and treatment of the LGBT community

What voters need to know about Chris Christie

Voters usually only get to hear the political spin that emanates from within each 2016 Presidential candidates war room, but there's usually many more things that aren't publicized as much.

The Real Story Behind the Iowa Caucus Results

We know that Texas Senator Ted Cruz beat out Donald Trump for the Republican party in Iowa while Hillary Clinton just edged out Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but what does all this mean for the 2016 Presidential Election?

Why Voting Truly Matters In 2016: For the Record

This is what I don’t get about people, especially Republicans and conservatives. For a group of individuals who tout their faith as a cornerstone of their belief system, they are the most callous, uncompassionate people on this earth.

Kim Davis Only Highlights Our Broken System Of Ethics: For the Record

There has been a lot of talk about Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, and the stance she took and continues to take against gay marriage. Citing her religion as the reason for her defying the historical Supreme Court ruling that gives gay couples the right to marry nationwide

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