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Many Alabama voters plan on Roy Moore except Sen. Richard Shelby

While many Alabama citizens say they'll still vote for Roy Moore no matter about those child molesting allegations, but Senator Richard Shelby won't be casting his vote that way.

Who wins and loses with Donald Trump’s Christmas gift aka Republican tax plan

As more Senators sign on to the Republicans sweeping tax overhaul, Donald Trump's promise of a great big Christmas present to American may come true, but who are the actual winers and losers in all this?

Donald Trump discounts Roy Moore sexual assault allegations

Donald Trump decides to stand behind alleged child molester Roy Moore rather than have a Democrat in office to make sure his tax reform bill gets passed.

Roy Moore’s Jesus defender; how low can Republicans tolerance go?

When Republicans are able to defend Alabama's Roy Moore's child molestation allegations using Jesus and not 'forcible rape' as a defense, you know why their party is in such a freefall now.

Americans send a strong message to Donald Trump with Democrats win

Democrats had a winning night and Republicans got an idea of what 2018 elections may look like if they continue following Donald Trump over the cliff.

Steph Curry making mama proud on GOP tax plan

Steph Curry on Being Only Person Named in GOP Tax Plan: ‘Mama, I Made It’

Who wins and loses with Republican tax plan?

Donald Trump and Republicans are touting that their new tax reform plan will be a big Christmas gift to Americans, but they're mainly talking about a very tiny percent of them. Find out who wins and loses with this version.

Republicans find Donald Trump more appealing than Jeff Flake, Bob Corker

Republicans seem to be ready to drive right over that cliff with Donald Trump no matter how many warnings they get.

Majority of Rebublicans keeping quiet on Donald Trump still

On Tuesday, the good news for America was that we got to learn what was truly in Donald Trump's heart. The bad news for Republicans: they also got to learn what was truly in Donald Trump's heart.

Donald Trump’s Congressional health care threat has some problems

Donald Trump love to make threats, but Republicans have finally realized that they are pretty baseless now. He just need to feel like he's doing something, many White House insiders have realized. 

Mitch MConnell begins frantic search for Senate health bill votes

Mitch McConnell has delivered a health care bill that delivers all the good stuff now and pushes the negative effects down the road so they hit after the 2018 mid-term elections.

Donald Trump says no big deal, but Russia leak is a big deal

One would think that eventually politicians would begin to choose American patriotism over politics, but with Donald Trump, he seems to have cast a fog over the minds of seemingly rational Republicans.

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