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NFL Week 10 Hottest Matchups To Watch

With five big divisional matchups this week including the always exciting Chicago Green Bay rivalry. It’s impossible to watch everything, but here’s a few matchups you should keep an eye on this week:

NFL Week 9 Matchups To Watch 2014

Peyton Manning’s matchup against the New England Patriots this weekend is not the only game, but it’s the only one anyone cares about.

Ready For Another Peyton Manning Vs Tom Brady Playoff Matchup? It’s Coming

After a slow start that had folks talking about Tom Brady as if he were one nail short of being in a football coffin, the Patriots have looked unstoppable on offense.

NFL Week 9 Preview 2014

Peyton Manning faces off against the New England Patriots this weekend for what could possibly be the last time in his glorious career. The Manning-Tom Brady has been fantastic

NFL Week 8 Review 2014

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new semi-professional football league called the FXFL. To give you a feel for how this league is, Jordan Jefferson and Tahj Boyd are starting quarterbacks

NFL Week 8 Preview 2014

It’s Week Eight in the NFL, and Peyton Manning is competing with DeMarco Murray of all people for the MVP talk. We may also be about halfway to seeing both Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan fired from their respective teams

Peyton Manning Takes On Denver Scoreboard Operator With Good Reason

late in the game a mishap changed the focus of the game. No, Peyton Manning didn’t throw a pick six with one of those fluttering ducks he sometimes lofts up.

NFL Week 7 Recap 2014: Peyton Manning Makes History

Peyton Manning made history this week, breaking Brett Favre’s all-time passing touchdown record, the Jaguars won, the Patriots almost lost to the Jets

NFL Week 7 What To Watch For 2014

Cam Newton is finally looking good after coming back from his surgeries this offseason. Newton sucked his first few weeks back, but he has put up over 30-points per game each of the last two weeks including 37

NFL Week 7 Preview 2014

Peyton Manning is only three touchdowns away from making history, Tony Sparano made the Raiders look competent last week, and Seattle is clearly not the team they were last season.

NFL Week 6 Preview 2015

Well the 1972 Miami Dolphins got to pop their champagne a lot earlier than normal as the last two undefeated teams fell in Week Five. The Raiders and Jaguars are still on pace to join the 1976 Buccaneers

NFL Week 3: What To Watch For 2015

It seems like every time you turn around this week another NFL player is getting arrested. Can we please just get back to football? Here’s some (football-related) stuff to watch for in Week Three:

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