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Peyton Manning & Gary Kubiak Relationship Getting Rocky in Denver

The Denver Broncos are a very sloppy 3-0 right now after a number of close calls and a handful of great defensive plays. In fact, the Broncos are traveling to Ford Field to take on the Detroit Lions at the bottom of the barrel in total yards.

‘Blasphemy’ to Doubt Peyton Manning But Logical To Doubt His Offensive Line

After an entire offseason of hearing about Peyton Manning’s diminishing arm strength, we finally got to see what the 39-year-old quarterback could do Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens…well, kind of.

Top 10 Most Underrated NFL Players 2015

Even if you are not a huge football fan, the names Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are recognizable. Fans know DeMarco Murray and LeSean Jackson and defensive stars like J.J. Watt and Clay Matthews.

Lance Briggs Retiring From NFL For Chicago Bears TV Gig

After 12 NFL season, seven Pro Bowl selections, and 1,177 career tackles, former Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs has decided to retire from football despite reported interest from the San Francisco 49ers.

How Does Fantasy Football Work? A Beginners Guide Part 1

The 2015 NFL season is beginning and millions of football fanatics are preparing their draft boards and readying themselves for another season of fantasy football.

NFL Preseason Week 2 Indepth Recap

Lots of NFL Week 2 Preseason indepth action to get to, so let's get after it Leonard Williams style.

Demaryius Thomas Sets Precedent for Star Wide Receivers

Demaryius Thomas probably thought things couldn’t get much better. The Denver Broncos Pro Bowl wide receiver and favorite target of quarterback Peyton Manning had a pretty grueling offseason waiting for a deal after being slapped with a franchise tag.

Denver Broncos 2015 NFL Draft & Offseason Recap

After a 12-4 finish and another early playoff exit in 2014, the Denver Broncos came up short of their Super Bowl-or-bust goal for the third season in a row.

Peyton Manning Continues Standing Alone As Touchdown King Plus AFL Stats

Peyton Manning now continues to own the all time record for touchdown passes. He went past big media favorite Brett Favre, who apparently is working full time on a farm in the deep south after his NFL retirement.

Top 10 Players to Watch 2015 NFL Season

Every year in the NFL players do amazing things that seem to make us question everything we know about what is humanly possible. Every year has its standout play—in 2014, it was Odell Beckham Jr.’s insane one-handed catch.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 Chances in 2015 With New Look

After weeks of waiting (even though pretty much everyone already knew), Peyton Manning announced that he would be returning for his 18th season in the NFL, his 4th with the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos Season Recap & 2015 NFL Draft Needs

The Denver Broncos entered 2014 coming off of one of the worst losses in Super Bowl history. The 2013 NFL concluded with the Broncos losing in Super Bowl XLVIII to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8.

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