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SENSE8 108 Recap: We Will All Be Judged

Although I have seen numerous episodes of the series, it still feels like I am just starting "Sense8." The reason for that is that the underlying narrative has progressed little since I began watching the show.

SENSE8 107: W.W.N. Double D? Recap

The seventh episode of "Sense8," “W.W.N. Double D?” or “What would Nancy Drew Do?” continues the series' slow approach when it comes to the sci-fi elements.

SENSE8 105: Art Is Like Religion or Lito Shares Sun’s Menstrual Cramps

The fifth episode of "Sense8", “Art is Like Religion,” once again engaged us in the personal lives of the eight strangers. After the last episode offered so much content in terms of the underlying plot, it was surprising that this episode went back to showcasing the individual stories of the characters.

Sense8 Ep 4 Recap: What’s Going On When It All Comes Together

As I began to watch the fourth episode of "Sense8" “What’s Going On?” I was hoping that the question of the title would be answered. The previous three episodes had a lot of air time and focus on the personal lives of the character, therefore leaving me confused about how all eight of the strangers in the show are connected and why.

HBO’s HARD KNOCKS Needs More Coverage

With the news that the Houston Texans will be starring in the 2015 version of HBO's "Hard Knocks," I can't help but wonder why this great yearly series can't be expanded. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing bad to say about the show.

FULL HOUSE Less Full Without Olsen Twins But No One’s Surprised

It was recently announced that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will not be reprising their role as Michelle Tanner on what is sure to be a sickly sweet follow up to the show Full House airing on Netflix.

TV Online, On-Demand & Cheaper than ever

Is traditional and cable TV doomed with services such as HBO Now and Netflix rising up? From the looks of things, the answer is yes. That is one brave assumption but I’m confident that in a few years everyone, at least in the First World would have cut the cord.

Netflix BLOODLINE Review

It only took me a couple of seconds to decide I wanted to check out "Bloodline" once I saw Kyle Chandler was staring in the Netflix original series. Chandler has been a favorite of mine since way back when he was on "Early Edition" in 1996, and of course his work as Coach Taylor on the "Friday Night Lights" series on NBC.

FCC Net Neutrality Passes, But A Battle Is Brewing

Net Neutrality has been a touchy subject in the United States since 2006 when the first attempts to enforce it came out. Net neutrality is a noble concept wherein internet bandwidth is equalized among everyone regardless of content type (text, audio, video) and other internet services. According to the president, high-speed broadband shouldn’t be a luxury but a necessity.

Netflix Kicks Up Some DAREDEVIL Action For Charlie Cox

When most people hear "Daredevil" they immediately are reminded of that bad period in Ben Affleck's life when he seemed to be taking on any movie that could buy him a new home or car. Things are much different this time in the Marvel Universe as Netflix is taking it much more serious this time

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