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The Rise and Fall of Inclusive Shows

There is a strange trend currently occurring in the in the world of television which has similarities to the real and comics world. Despite being critical and commercial hits, several TV shows have fallen under the ax.

That Exciting ‘Defenders’ Trailer

Despite Netflix’s faux pas with Iron Fist, we Marvel fans are in for a treat. The new Defenders trailer came out recently and it is exciting!

‘Sense8’ latest trailer is Sensate fight worthy plus new images

Love it or hate it, but Netflix's most dividing show, Sense8 is back for a second season, and the latest trailer shows that those sensates are gearing up for some major fighting.

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ in retrospect: Was it really that bad?

Marvel’s Iron Fist is perhaps the most critically-panned entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe amidst Netflix’s other critically-lauded MCU series. Something has to give sometime. You can’t really win them all

‘Iron Fist’s’ Colleen Wing is Iron Pissed

Not sure what my favorite YouTube film critic saw but Marvel’s Iron Fist seems pretty okay so far. I kind of regret seeing what he thought of the series before watching it myself. His review was scathing. As for myself, I’m into episode five

‘Castlevania’ coming to Netflix so please don’t mess it up

Castlevania is one of my most favorite video game franchises. It’s about vampires and the supernatural of course and games that allow players to kill things that go bump in the night are always welcome to this geek.

Sundance embraces female filmmakers unlike the real world

There may not have been any female directors nominated for an Oscar this year, but that may change after this years 2017 Sundance Film Festival. This year has been packed with some very amazing films from women

I Want my Ghost Rider TV Series

A bit pretentious, yes. But it’s high time the Spirit of Vengeance had his own series; the original spirit of vengeance, Johnny Blaze. Problem is, ABC might not push through with using him as a Ghost Rider as long as Robbie Reyes

Netflix and Amazon looming over Oscar season

Once Netflix started raking in awards for it's original television series, it was obvious that they would start moving into films, and this Oscar season will begin to feel its presence.

Will Netflix DVD service go way of Blockbuster?

Netflix made its mark, while also knocking Blockbuster literally off the block, with its DVD service, but now that we live in a live streaming world, that service may be gone soon.

‘Making a Murderer’ Brendan Dassey finally being released from prison

In what has turned into as complex a case as the West Memphis Three, Brendan Dassey has once again being released from prison while the state of Wisconsin appeals an earlier ruling.

Gaming Weekly: PS4 Pro a hit and Ubisoft joins Netflix for show

Gamer Weekly: NES Classic Edition Tough to Find, PS4 Pro Releases, PS4 Fallout 4 Mod hits in November and Ubisoft joins forces with Netflix.

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