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Marvel’s ‘Cloak & Dagger’ no ‘Agents of SHIELD;’ more like Hulus ‘Runaways’

Marvel's Cloak and Dagger on Netflix keeps some distance from the comics making the show feel more like Hulu's Runaways than something exciting like ABC's Agents of SHIELD.

Netflix ‘The Toys That Made Us’ is must see watching for any toy fan

Netflix series The Toys that Made Us continues being a must watch for anyone who loves toys at any age in Season 2 teaching us about Star Trek, Transformers, Hello Kitty and Lego.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Ties into ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Season 6 Possibilities

Not that Avengers Infinity War has crashed headlong into ABC's Agents of SHIELD how will this work into Season 6? Marius has a few ideas on how AOS will handle this upheaval.

Switch drives Nintendo profits while Comcast bundles up for survival

Nintendo met its high expectations for the meghit Switch console and Comcast Xfinity is changing up its cable model with bundles including Netflix.

‘The Crown:’ What to expect in Season 3

For fans of The Crown on Netflix, Season 3 might be a little later than normal and there are some big changes coming. Find out what they are.

How Disney’s Fox merger will reunite superheroes for fanboys and fangirls

How that $52.4 billion Disney merger with Fox could make many superhero fanboys and fangirls ecstatic, but will the government let this massive deal really happen?

Too much Hollywood power can unleash the worst

As Hollywood continues feeling the controversy of sexual misconduct, some of them like Louis C.K. seemed to be telling us their truth in their onscreen work.

‘Stranger Things 2’ makes things stranger and better

"Stranger Things" Season 2 may not be perfect, it's more than enough to entertain and thrill nearly all fans of Season 1.

Kevin Spacey falls hard, Alec Baldwin off Twitter and Netflix mess

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kevin Spacey continues falling, Alec Baldwin gets baby number 4 and how Netflix can salvage their "House of Cards" mess.

‘Stranger Things’: What Season 2 told us to expect for Season 3

Stranger Things Season 2 answered some questions from last season, but we have a few more to ask for Season 3 now.

Comcast sees customers leaving from cord cutting and bad customer service

A return to horrible customer service is also affecting Comcast as people realize there are much better options out there.

Netflix ‘Castlevania:’ Perhaps the Best Cinematic Video Game Adaptation

Netflix Castlevania is perhaps the best videogame to screen adaptation I’ve seen by far and is a must-see if you love the franchise and video games in general.

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