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Suicide study points finger at Netflix ’13 Reasons Why’

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why comes under fire again by a suicide study pointing a finger at the how without proving it.

Oscars won’t shut Netflix out; Rule Two stays put

Steven Spielberg wasn't powerful enough to force the Academy Awards to change their Oscar rules which would have shut Netflix and streaming services out of awards.

Best bets on TV streaming services

As TV streaming services begin raising prices, which ones still offer you the best bang for your buck? Here is out breakdown.

MPAA welcomes Netflix while DOJ warns Academy about Oscar block

Netflix was center of attention at CinemaCon when the MPAA welcomed the streamer onboard while the DOJ warned Academy about antitrust actions.

CinemaCon 2019 hits with 5 burning questions

Kevin Hart has already been crowned Star of the Year at this year's CinemaCon, but the big elephant in the room will be Netflix....

Mötley Crüe’s ‘The Dirt’ Movie: Fact vs fiction

Netflix movie The Dirt based on Mötley Crüe's biography didn't stick fully to the facts. We separate fact from fiction.

Facebook’s data weapons plus Netflix $100 million ‘Friends’

Once again, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has been caught red handed weaponizing users data without their knowledge while Netflix competes hard with $100 million for Friends and Lyft ready to go public in Uber war.

Tamara Jenkins talks ‘Private Life’ and that 11 year absence

Filmmaker Tamara Jenkins returns from an eleven year absence with Private Life and talks about why so long.

Top 5 Shows that Could Use a Netflix Reboot

Netflix enjoys taking a gamble on new shows or reboots so here are five cult favorites they might want to add to their schedule including Reboot and Inhumanoids.

ScreenX latest theater fight with Netflix plus social media growing pains

Theaters are trying to lure Netflix users off the couch and back into theaters with ScreenX that provides a 270 degree immersive movie experience and social media titans Facebook and Twitter are still facing mounting growing pains.

Jerry Seinfeld talks ‘Comedians in Cars’ and getting sued by friends

As Jerry Seinfeld enters the tenth season of Comedians in Cars getting coffee, he's also dealing with getting sued for his idea from a friend. This marks the third major lawsuit after Seinfeld and Bee Movie, but the comedian is taking it all in stride and talks about it along with Roseanne.

‘Killing Eve’ tops Critics Awards nominations with ‘The Americans,’ ‘Atlanta’

BBC America's bizarre but interesting Killing Eve tops out Critics Award nominations ahead of The Americans and Atlanta.

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