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Johnny Manziel not in the market for a Mentor

It was admirable for former Browns great Bernie Kosar to reach out to Johnny Manziel to offer advice on being a team leader. Kosar was beloved as a player in Cleveland and if not for some terrible luck with a fumble and the fact that John Elway exists, Kosar may have won a Super Bowl for the city.

Johnny Manziel loses faith of LeBron James

The signs have been all over the place, but only Johnny Manziel and his dwindling fan base still cannot see them. Johnny Football had diehard Cleveland Browns fans pulling for him after his stint in rehab, but it just looks like the more help the guy gets

2015-2016 NBA Season Recap: A Quick Catch-Up for the Devout & Distraught NFL Fans

NFL is king. We all know it. Football comes first, then school and work and such, and then other sports. Well, for the fans of the 20 NFL teams who won’t be playing again until August, it’s basketball season once again!

NBA Recap: Lebron James vs Steph Curry for MVP

The last week of action in the NBA was a good one for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The leaders of the Central Division posted victories over Phoenix, Denver, and Orlando – two of which came on the road.

10 Things Every Hardcore Sports Fan Wants This Christmas

Sports fans can sometimes be the easiest and hardest people to please during the holiday season as they know exactly what they want, and beware if you give them something less.

Derrick Rose Is Injured Yet Again

Well, Derrick Rose is hurt again. Wow, who could have seen it coming? I know, I know.

Top 10 Reasons Why ESPN Earns Hatred

Yes, ESPN is the best thing to ever happen to sports, just ask anyone in Bristol. They would love to tell you how they have made sports better and more accessible to fans all over the globe.

THE VIEW’S Revolving Door & LeBron James Ready For Space Jam 2

There has recently been a rumor that Sherri Shepherd, who was on the show from 2007-2014, is set to make a comeback. In an interview with The New York Post, the actress addressed this rumor saying, “I read that I was coming back, but as with all of the stuff at The View, you never know.

Amy Schumer’s TRAINWRECK Far From That: Review

Trainwreck, written and starring arguably the comedian of the year Amy Schumer, definitely defied the usual roles seen in the majority of Comedies.

NBA Free Agency: Cleveland Cavaliers Paying their way back to NBA Finals

It was almost a fairy tale ending in Cleveland, Ohio. The team went from picking 1st overall in 2014 to a trip to the 2015 NBA Finals.

LeBron James Should’ve Been NBA Finals MVP

The 2015 NBA Finals are over and the Golden State Warriors, following a series-clinching victory on Tuesday night, are the new NBA champions. Andre Iguodala, a forward for the Warriors, was named the NBA Finals MVP shortly after game six.

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