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Politicos play with the facts after Robert Mueller testimony

Robert Mueller gave his Congressional testimony on Wednesday but some politicians still got his facts wrong.

Religion comes to Democrats with 2020 presidential election

Religion used to be reserved solely for Republicans in elections, but Democrats are embracing it for 2020.

Hope Hicks ready for Democrats while Joe Biden goes where gay rights movement began

Hope Hicks will face the Democrats behind closed doors to answer questions about the Mueller Report. Joe Biden paid a surprise visit to the Stonewall Inn for gay pride month.

Can Donald Trump campaign as a 2020 DC outsider now that he’s inside?

Playing the DC outsider helped Donald Trump in 2016, but will it work again in 2020 to stay the president?

Joe Biden vs Donald Trump Round 1 plus Nancy Pelosi no impeachment talk

Joe Biden and Donald Trump took on each other separately in Iowa while Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is still far off.

Joe Biden fights for LGBTQ rights as Warren, Sanders, and Harris begin attacks on his record

Joe Biden has announced that fighting for LGBTQ rights will be high on his priorities while Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris begin taking hits at the former vice president.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris teach campaigning plus Roger Stone’s aide alert

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show how campaigning for the 2020 presidential election doesn't have to get ugly, plus Roger Stone's former aide testifies on WikiLeaks.

Joe Biden becomes Democratic donation king plus Fox News Democrat divide

Joe Biden continues being the top donor in the Democratic 2020 election while Dems continue fighting over Fox News.

Donald Trump’s economic, Vladimir Putin myths continue

Donald Trump continues creating numbers that have no fact about the economy, Vladimir Putin and Robert Mueller's Russia report. Here are the real facts.

Charlottesville, Virginia: Two words that pushed Joe Biden into 2020 Election

Joe Biden strugged with not running in the 2016 presidential election, but two words compelled him to take on Donald Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump unwisely takes on John McCain again

Donald Trump continued his shock week by sending out a warning to John McCain for his honest words at the 2017 Liberty Medal Ceremony.

President Obama & VP Joe Biden Unveil Their Holiday Playlist

It's always interesting to see what's on people playlists, especially during traditional sentimental times of the year like the holidays, so imagine what the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama listens to in hopes of keeping his spirits up.

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