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Jerry Jones stands by Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence investigation

Jerry Jones Defends Ezekiel Elliott as Domestic Violence Investigation Continues

Tony Romo doesn’t deserve Dallas job back

Tony Romo has been an elite quarterback over the past decade. He just hasn’t done enough to deserve “his” starting job back with the Cowboys.

Is Dak Prescott really worth all the MVP early hype?

Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott is getting quick hype built up as MVP, but has he really earned it this soon in the season?

Greg Hardy leaving NFL field for MMA ring

Greg Hardy Takes a Break from Beating Women to Pursue a Career in MMA Fighting

Dak Prescott continues leading Cowboys to victory with Tony Romo out

Jerry Jones Vows Tony Romo is ‘No. 1 Quarterback’ as Dak Prescott Continues Dominating

Forbes NFL valuations show winning isn’t required

Earlier this week Mike Ozanian, a "Traffic cop at the intersection of money and sports," published the 2016 NFL valuations at Forbes.com. What the list shows is that actually winning football games certainly isn't the be-all-and-end-all

2016 NFL Quarterback roster moves: Kaepernick stays while Sanchez moves

Minnesota Vikings Acquire Sam Bradford, Colin Kaepernick Makes Roster, Mark Sanchez Cut in Quarterback Moves Around the League

Mark Sanchez moves to Dallas Cowboys after Denver Broncos dump him

The Denver Broncos saved themselves $3.5 million by cutting Quarterback Mark Sanchez, who was one of their biggest offseason acquisitions on Saturday.

Jerry Jones not high on Ezekiel Elliott’s weed shop stop

Jerry Jones Disappointed in Ezekiel Elliott, Kam Chancellor Impressed by the Rookie

Cowboys’ Dez Bryant Keeps Complaining, Maybe Usain Bolt can Replace Him

With the new Madden NFL 17 rating out, players everywhere review and critique the developers and rankers. Yes, that’s right, a lot of them care about it more than you would think.

NFL won’t let Cowboys wear police decal on helmets

NFL Denies Cowboys Helmet Decals Honoring Dallas Police Department

Tony Roma and Joe Flacco back on field after last season’s injuries

Last NFL season seemed to be the one with the neverending injuries taking out power players like Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Jordy Nelson, Terrell Suggs and Cam Wake among many others

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