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‘The Bachelor’ 2006 Play ball & meet the parents: Warsaw Indiana

This season of The Bachelor has just flown by. On this week’s episode, Ben invited the remaining 6 women to join him in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana. Here, he filled his parents in on all of the craziness that has been happening over the past few weeks

‘The Bachelor’ 2005 Ben Higgins’ love of confusion plus pigs

The drama continued on this week’s episode of The Bachelor. As you may recall last week’s episode ended off on a cliffhanger as Ben asked for resident villain Olivia to come talk with him prior to the rose ceremony.

‘The Bachlor’ 2005 Olivia anchors Ben Higgins in Mexico City

Another episode of The Bachelor, another opportunity for the show’s producers to paint contestant Olivia out to be a villainous, crazy person.

‘The Bachelor’ 2004 Olivia takes the cringe worthy cake in Las Vegas

While The X-File fans are indulging in all sorts of weird and supernatural things on the series reboot, the viewers of Bachelor nation are also getting their weekly dose of weird with Ben Higgins and the group of ladies vying for his love.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 212 Finale: Tanner Takes Jade

The finale of season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise has arrived, and the episode jumps right in from where we left off Sunday night. Basically everybody is in total shock that Kirk and Carly ended things. Especially Jade, who expresses how taken aback she is and begins doubting her relationship with Tanner

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 211: Ashley I Intact & Crying, Kirk Carly Over

As we enter the finale of the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, the show manages to throw every twist and turn they can.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 210: Ashley I Uses Virginity To Score Jared

The second part of this week’s Bachelor in Paradise throws audiences into the madness right away – as Juelia gets Tenley to pee on her foot, which was stung by a jellyfish.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 209: Joe & Sam Saga Getting Crazy

The Joe and Samantha saga was once again in full swing in this week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 207: Joe Sam Clean Up & Ashley S Oddity

Sunday, August 23rd’s episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" dropped us right back into the Joe-Samantha drama. Last week, the episode left off with the whole house infuriated with Joe’s actions and how he played Juelia in order to stay on the show until Samantha arrived in paradise.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 206: Sam & Joe Get Caught

So the second part of this week’s "Bachelor in Paradise" installment brings us back to Sam and Joe, who are being bombarded by the other cast members to come clean about their reported communication with each other prior to the show.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 205: Joe Plays True Or False With Juelia

Season 2 Episode 5 of "Bachelor in Paradise" brings us right back to Clare who is in the midst of having a meltdown during the rose ceremony, as she doesn’t feel like she has made a connection with anyone.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE 204: Villain Joe & Nipping Those Buds

Episode 4 of Bachelor in Paradise (week 2) shows us that there is definitely room for more than one drama queen in Paradise.

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