Recover Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

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As more and more people are moving over to the digital platform, a growing concern can also be seen for data security. Maybe this is why a steep demand is being felt for data recovery tools to have your back even if your device is stolen, damaged or the data somehow gets overwritten. 

But in a market filled with tons of choices, it becomes difficult to choose the best recovery software which can cater to all your needs in the best possible way. To keep things safe, we have consulted a few industry pioneers to present you with the ultimate recovery bundle – free data recovery software provided by EaseUS, which can offer you the best of both worlds in terms of high user-friendliness as well as data recovery capabilities.


  • Supports all popular file formats such as FAT, exFAT, NTFS, HFS+, HFS etc.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is available to both Mac and Windows users.
  • Supports an array of devices such as USB drive, PC/laptop, digital camera, RAID, external disk, music player, camcorder etc. So, it’s possible to recover formatted SD card, one of the most common data loss cases caused by mis-operation. 
  • Files can be filtered according to type which helps in selective file recovery.
  • Can cater to amateurs devoid of any prior experience in the field of data recovery.
  • Offers two flexible scanning modes of Quick and Deep scan. Under the first method, a basic algorithm is used to search for deleted folders and files and offers super quick results. Deep scan, on the other hand, performs sector by sector scanning of the storage device to guarantee more full-proof results.
  • Supports recovery of files from crashed Windows system by providing a WinPE bootable media which can be downloaded easily.
  • Supports various languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese etc. for adding up to the versatility quotient.

Steps of Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

  • On launching this data recovery software, users will be presented with a screen which lists down all the hard drives which are available for recovery.
Ease Software step 1 find location to find data 2019
  • You will have to choose your drive and hit the ‘Scan’ button. This will initiate the process in ‘Quick Scan’ mode followed by ‘Deep Scan.’
Ease Software STep 2 choose drive to scan
  • The recovered data is displayed in a simple file tree layout. Users can even save the scan results by clicking on the ‘Export’ button for continuing with the recovery later on.
  • The files recovered can be previewed so that you don’t end up saving unwanted files in your system.
Ease Software Recovered data fils in preview mode 2019
  • For recovering files, you just need to click on the squares appearing next to the folders, files or whole partitions and ultimate click on ‘recover.’

Bottom Line

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard implements 256-bit SSL standard to take care of data encryption in a seamless manner. All of your computer data gets automatically encrypted by this software which also allows complete customization of the encryption process. Users can recover about 500 MB data using this free version which gets exceeded to 2 GB on sharing the same over different social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

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