‘Avengers: Endgame’ ready to smash box office history; bookies set odds

Marel's Avengers: Endgame opening weekend box office haul is hitting $800 to $1 billion globally, but can it hit that high with a long running time?

Facebook ready to pay out $5 billion plus Trump’s Twitter meet

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook readies itself for a $5 billion FTC fine while Donald Trump met with Twitter's Jack Dorsey.

Sting talks ‘My Songs,’ Shaggy and that new Vegas gig

Sting will be even busier than ever with his upcoming My Songs album, work with Shaggy and Las Vegas, We interviewed him to discuss further.

Pete Buttigieg latest flavor for Democrat donors but for how long?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has become the 2020 Presidential Campaigns latest flavor of the month, but what happens when another one comes?

Oscars won’t shut Netflix out; Rule Two stays put

Steven Spielberg wasn't powerful enough to force the Academy Awards to change their Oscar rules which would have shut Netflix and streaming services out of awards.


Fabio Fognini is rising in the world of tennis having won his first Masters 1000 but how much do you really know about him?

Getting Donald Trump’s Mueller Russia Report facts right

While Donald Trump is rapid cycling with his feelings towards Robert Mueller's Russia report, here are the facts and fictions coming out of the White House.

Mueller report shows Trump tried to take control of Russia probe

While Attorney General William Barr tried to paint a rosy picture for Donald Trump Thursday morning, Robert Mueller's report is showing a different story.

Bookies set odds on Mueller report as Donald Trump unleashes anger

Bookies are now setting odds on how Donald Trump will reacts the days leading up to the Mueller report coming out.
Rob Gronkowski shirtless for retirement Super Bowl Wins 2019

Gronk Retires: Rob Gronkowski ready for life after NFL, New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski, the New England Patriot's fun-loving tight end, loved by all football player is finished with the NFL.
can any team like sharks stop tampa bay lightning from stanley cup 2019 images

Can Any Team Stop the Tampa Bay Lightning from Winning the Stanley Cup in...

Another thrilling regular season in the NHL is coming to its conclusion, revealing all of the teams which have proved themselves worthy of...
why driverless cars wont be hitting streets 2019 images

Driverless cars won’t be hitting streets for many years. Here’s why.

For those worrying about driverless cars suddenly hitting your highways, we've got 5 big reasons why that won't be happening anytime soon.
elon musks tesla advances autonomous vehicles 2019 images

Elon Musk advances Tesla driverless cars to win autonomy race

Despite setbacks for Tesla, Elon Musk is determined to win the driverless car race for autonomy.
samsung delays galaxy fold while cyber expert guilty of malware 2019 images

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold while WannaCry cyber expert guilty of bank malware

After reviewers found that Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone was breaking, the company delayed release and British cyber expert Marcus Hutchins pleads guilty to creating bank malware.
facebook getting ftc oversight while arizona bans cellphone driving 2019 images

Facebook getting FTC oversight while Arizona bans cellphone use when driving

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook looks to be getting that FTC oversight he asked for, and Arizona joins states banning cellphone use while driving.