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After 2020, we could all use a breather. Then with last week’s Capital insurrection, it’s even more important to focus on things that bring us joy. It’s been forgotten by many of us after the past four years, but rather than trying to do the usual new year resolutions that fail, why not try a simple 30-day release of negativity?

Beginning today through February 11, 2021, we’re inviting our readers to take a quick daily break to focus on you. We often overlook our own wellbeing taking care of everyone else, but if we’re not at our best, we can’t be at our best for others. Best of all, this is all free, plus you could win a one-on-one special training with Saje Flow, who has worked with such notables as Tony Robbins, to empower your life.

Flow will be leading this 30-day adventure to help you through your simplest to toughest crises. I was impressed most by him as he doesn’t go for those fix-it overnight solutions as those never stick. We can only change negative behaviors over time, not overnight like so many promise while charging you a big chunk of money.

Each day, we will be posting guided daily reflections for free to allow you to step a toe in the water and go gently to see if it feels right to you. You can check out his site right here to see if it sounds like something for you.

Win Professional Life Coaching

This is the best part of our 30-day experience. You could win up to 3 months of intense one-on-one life coaching.

All you have to do is keep an eye on our Facebook page here, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram each day and comment on the day’s activity. You can try the activity or just see what they’re like to see how comfortable you feel with them. You just go to one of them, and you don’t need to follow us or anything like that. I hate it when free things are offered with that catch!

From all of those who comment, you automatically qualify to win prizes besides the chance for one-on-one coaching. It’s that simple. We’ll message you if you are invited as a finalist to a livestream where winners will be announced on February 11, 2021.

UPDATE 1: January 12, 2021

How To Become A Finalist

If you have a success story during this 30-day experience and have participated in each of our daily challenges (even if it was just reading them) create a short video of you letting us know of our personal growth story. Submit the video or video link to us at It can be a short video that mentions how the daily challenges have helped you in any way.

These must be submitted to us no later than February 8, 2021.

We will contact you if you are a finalist and invite you to join us on the Saje Flow live stream on YouTube February 11, 2021. You do have to be present to share your story which could help others going through similar issues you have.

Don’t worry, we did our research to make sure there weren’t any weird surprises, and this is a legit experience which is why we’re are sharing with our readers.


Grand Prize

3 months of Coaching with Saje Flow (a $30,000 value)

2nd Place

2 months of Coaching with Saje Flow (a $20,000 value)

3rd Place

1 month of Coaching with Saje Flow (a $10,000 value)

UPDATE 2: January 14, 2021

Who Is Saje Flow?

Saje Flow is the founder of Dancing and Life, a company that empowers you to live with more freedom, more love, more opportunities, and more wealth.

Now, you have probably learned that countless professionals and self-help gurus will lighten your wallet in order to give you what they want you to believe will help.

But often they don’t provide you with answers on how to live in a flow that will help you overcome challenges. You need to learn how to use dance and movement to face your fears.

James Lin aka Saje Flow for movie tv tech geeks 30 day experience

Best of all, Saje Flow’s advice and methods are approachable and workable for life’s toughest crises.

He’s already helped thousands find their own strengths and overcome the obstacles life set in their paths.

No stranger to turmoil, Saje Flow moved to the U.S. at the age of 5. He experienced bullying, he had to work hard to fit in, and he even had to work to accept himself. Saje Flow would be the first to tell you that this is a continuing challenge.

Saje Flow has experienced crises, knows the way out, and wants to teach the way to flow through crises as he has.

Dancing Through Crisis

In the full Dancing through Crisis training program, Saje Flow takes you and whatever obstacles you have in your life and gives you simple and easy-to-use actions and tools to help you foster the strengths that are already within you.

Saje Flow has spent years studying spiritual and emotional practices as a student of movement and dance. And he has worked closely with mentors such as Tony Robbins to comprehend and implement personal breakthroughs and how to teach others to rise above limiting beliefs. This is especially useful in a crisis.

Saje Flow used the crises he faced as a springboard for self-discovery and growth. He realized he was a born teacher, and he spent years studying with masters of movement and self-realization to break free of limiting beliefs.

That’s how he came up with Dancing and Life, his company. It provides techniques that can transform a life of chaos and hurt to one filled with peace and joy – even for people stressed out by our troubled and threatening world.

Saje Flow’s Dancing and LIfe company is the driving force for his philosophy of using movement and motion to heal. It’s behind everything he teaches, including the Dancing Through Crisis online training program.

So join us on our 30-day 2021 New Year New You experience. It’s free, you can win prizes plus you might learn some things that bring you more peace this year.

UPDATE 3: January 16, 2021

For those of you coming in late, here is everything beginning on Day 1 so you can yourself up!

DAY 1:

Share your experience in spinning the gratitude wheel. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper; divide it into 4 sections; in each section write what brings you joy; spin a pen and share your experience with whatever joy it lands on. #dancingthroughcrisis

A new year brings hope! See how you can experience joy and gratitude in the coming year.

In times of crisis it is hard to be hopeful.. But it’s not impossible—and may be the key to mentally surviving a crisis like this.

Despite the burdens of the recent past you can look to the future with the likelihood of positive change.

You can turn turmoil and crisis into opportunity.

Discover your primary inner strength that will bring you through the problems that life gives you?


Share a video or photo of you catching an imaginary curveball, defending yourself with a warrior scream. #dancingthroughcrisis

Now here’s how you can turn a crisis into opportunity!

You can take control despite the uncertainty around us.

I can feel your passion in this post. Don’t let a crisis deter you from what you love.

Sometimes taking back control of your life starts with rediscovering what makes you tick, or learning to take care of yourself, or making time for the people and things that you love.

I love this. Many successes are born out of uncertainty.

While the world has thrown a lot at us, there are ways in which you can take control.

It’s important for you to see how you can grow. What’s holding you back?


Share a video of yourself doing power moves to “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child or to any other powerful upbeat song. See what people say about how you’re surviving.


This, this, this! This is what learning from the past is all about.

Whatever you experienced last year could have made you feel good, satisfied, engaged, invigorated, inspired, and even in the flow.

What made you happiest last year? How can you learn from this?

Can you share how you felt when you were writing these down?


Share your wish for the year, and tag two other friends in your picture. #dancingthroughcrisis

I love it when I see people really achieve their intentions.

The secret to creating resolutions that will last is creating plans with intention.

You succeed when your plans are aligned with your big-picture goals.

Tell us what your goals are for the year, and how they align with your resolutions.

How do you plan to put your intention for this year into action?


Post a short video where you dance with positivity to a song that’s trending. #sajeflow

#flowarmy #flow

A positive mental attitude goes a long way in changing the world around you.

Positivity keeps the world going strong. I’m so glad you’re keeping it upbeat.

What an awesome message, my friend! Tell us if anyone responded.

I love the hope you’re showing. Who else will be especially important to you for the coming year?


Write down what you want to get rid of from 2020, and show us a picture of yourself tearing up that

paper — and everything that you want to forget from last year. #dancingthroughcrisis

Get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy! Be like Marie Kondo! When you decide to let go of what didn’t work in 2020, you will open up to new possibilities in 2021.

In life there can be great injustice, but if you learn to let go of that pain and what didn’t work for you, you can create new possibilities in 2021.

We all need to learn to let go and go on. How do you feel now?


Share a video of you pulling an imaginary sword from your sheath and hold it up high — pretending you are cutting the ties with the pain that holds you back. #dancingthroughcrisis

Healing is essential to our continuing happiness. Even after a terrible year, it’s important to learn to move on and take care of yourself.

When you take care of yourself, you can get closer to keeping your intentions.

If you don’t heal, how can you grow? How do you feel now?

How are you helping the people around you heal?

UPDATE 4: January 20, 2021

Congratulations, you’ve gotten through week 1! Now here is everything to get caught up with on week 2.

Day 8

Share your biggest challenge of 2020 and what you want to change in 2021. Then share one thing you’ve learned during the past week — and tag a friend who needs to hear about it.


Nice! It’s so great that you can help people heal by being present for them and creating a space for them to share.

Now that’s what I call letting your inner child run free!

How did you feel afterwards?

What do you think has been keeping you from giving others space and being present for them?


Share a video or photo of your breathing techniques to get rid of tension — and tell us how you feel. #dancingthroughcrisis

How great that you will embrace physical actions to mentally reset yourself to get better this year. It’s a terrific example of taking charge of your life.

Don’t let a crisis deter you from taking care of yourself. We all need to do something to keep us grounded and emotionally sound.

It’s important to enjoy your passion guilt-free, even amidst a crisis. Did you feel any guilt or shame?

DAY 10

Take a video of yourself flipping a coin and deciding on doing something you’re not sure about — heads for option A, tails for option B. Flip the coin and tell us your decision.


This is how you move ahead! Be decisive! I love it!

Whatever affected you the most last year — your health, your job, where you live, whatever — you can use it to change for the better.

Thanks for sharing what you’re going to be doing this year. Can you share how you felt when you were making that decision?

DAY 11

Share a brief video of you WINNING and singing “All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What” — or anything winning song. #dancingthroughcrisis

I love it when I see people show how they want to succeed, despite everything! We are all in this together.

I’m so happy you’re channeling channel energy into what you want to create more of in life.

Tell us how you’re making a plan to succeed. What would you want other people to know about making a successful plan for the year ahead?

DAY 12

Post a short video where you dance without music for 7-10 seconds. #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s amazing that you are so willing to do something a little uncomfortable to help yourself grow and become happier and more successful in life!

Positivity keeps the world going strong. I’m so glad you’re keeping it upbeat.

What an awesome message, my friend! Tell us if anyone responded.

I love the energy you’re showing. What is especially important for you this coming year?

DAY 13

Post a picture or video of yourself walking in the fresh air or giving yourself a self-affirming talk.


It’s so great that you know that self-care is essential to a happy life. I’m delighted you’re taking care of yourself this year.

Now that’s what I call following your bliss.

We all need to do what we can to make sure we’re at our best. How do you feel now?

How are you scheduling self-care this year?

DAY 14

Share a picture or video of yourself making a virtual ski run with a victory dance. Celebrate your win! #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s wonderful that you’re taking steps to keep on track the year! Congratulations!

Getting past limiting beliefs is so important to moving forward!

When you don’t hold back, you can really take advantage of what the world has to offer.

How are you making sure you break through limiting beliefs this year?

UPDATE 5: January 25, 2021

You’ve made it to the halfway mark so it’s nearly become a habit now. Remember, doing something for 21 days or more makes it a habit….you’re almost there!

DAY 15

Write down an outcome — such as what you hope to achieve at the end of this 30-day program.
Then proclaim it by flipping your hair. If your hair is short or you don’t have hair, just do an
imaginary hair flip! #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s so great that you have set your goal for how you want to change this year, and you’re
figuring out a plan for getting there and staying on course..
That’s really setting your intention for the year!.

How did you feel about this? (It’s okay to feel a little self-conscious)

Has anything been keeping you from reaching your goals? What are you doing to stay on

DAY 16

Write down your outcome for the next 30 days, and hy you must do this for yourself. Take a
picture of the outcome and share it publicly. #dancingthroughcrisis

How great that you are setting goals. You definitely belong to 30 percent of the population who
achieve their goals! It’s a terrific example of taking charge of your life.

Don’t let past challenges prevent you from taking care of yourself. We all need to do
something to keep us grounded and emotionally sound.

It’s important to enjoy the process toward your goal. How are you doing this?

DAY 17

Draw a pyramid on a piece of paper and above it write your goal. Inside the pyramid, write out 3
actionable steps. Take a photo of this and post it. #dancingthroughcrisis

This is how you move ahead! Take small steps to big goals. I love it!

How smart to break up your time into chunks so you’re processing daily and long-term goals
more easily.

Thanks for sharing what you’re going to be doing this year. Can you share how you feel about
your goals?

DAY 18

Share a brief video of you “raising the roof” and proclaiming to the world one thing you’ve
learned this week or that you achieved today. #dancingthroughcrisis

I love it when you celebrate your milestones. It’s great that you are planning both big and small

This is what really keeps you going — no matter where you are on your journey you can always

Tell us how you’re marking today’s milestone. What is giving you satisfaction?

DAY 19

Post a video of yourself being happy! Dancing, singing, celebrating your life! Tell us why you’re
happy and share it! #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s amazing that you are working so hard yet you know the importance of taking care of

Mindfulness keeps you going strong. I’m so glad you’re doing what you need to be present and

I’m happy to know that you have a plan for decompressing, so you can recharge. Tell us, what’s
your mode of recharging?

DAY 20

Post a video of yourself giving yourself the biggest hug, smiling your biggest smile. #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s terrific that you are making connection a priority. Especially when so many of us have been
cut off from our loved ones!

I’m delighted you know you can schedule a regular connection time to connect with friends,
loved ones and even yourself.

We all need to do what we can to make sure we’re staying social. How do you feel now?

What are the ways you’re connecting with others this year?

DAY 21

Share a video of you massaging your head for 15 seconds or so to a soothing song — classical or
pop, your choice — it’s a chill-out head massage. #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s fantastic that you’re giving yourself breaks. You can’t keep running at 100% all the time.

I’m so glad you know you realize that healing is an essential part of growth, and that you’re
giving yourself breaks and also scheduling naps, meditation, reflection time and other moments
for stepping back from the rush of daily life.

When you don’t take care of yourself, your work and your outlook can suffer. What are you
doing specifically?

UPDATE 6: January 29, 2021

DAY 22

Share a video of yourself holding a victory pose, and saying how you will succeed this year. #dancingthroughcrisis

It’s so great that you are figuring out your why for the year.

You know that goal-setting is essential in the planning process for long-term success. Without
goals, we only guess at our progress.

How are you feeling about the coming year?

Is anything standing in the way of your goals?

UPDATE 7: February 10, 2021

Congratulations, you have reached your 30-day goal! For those that were able to participate and follow along, or even those that tried for a couple of weeks, were you able to feel any difference in your life? As there are literally tons of programs out there, has this one been able to do more than others you have tried. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

It’s been scientifically proven that habits begin after 21 days of doing the same thing, so for those that followed this for that long, do you feel you will continue on?

Again, congratulations for starting 2021 on such a positive note!

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